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Featured Voice Teachers Near NYC, New York

Here are just a few of the many teachers offering Voice lessons in NYC, New York . Whether you are looking for beginner guitar lessons for your kids, or are an adult wanting to improve your skills, the instructors in our network are ready to help you now!

Victoria S offers Voice lessons in NYC, New York

Victoria S

Instruments: Piano Voice Trumpet Saxophone Flute Clarinet Recorder

I started teaching in high school and then decided to pursue degrees in performance and music education. At UNH I taught lessons part time for four years.  I always put students needs and schedules first and met them either in my studio or at their home.  I encourage all of my students to practice at home using techniques that are effective.  I engage my students each lesson, ensuring they are constantly improving as well as enjoying their musical experience.  It is my duty as an educator to pass my love of music onto my pupils.  My students are of all ages and skill levels.  I encourage them to enter competitions and recitals, train their ears, learn about music history, and have musical intentions whenever they play.  I will help my students to achieve any level of playing. Read More

Sivan A offers Voice lessons in NYC, New York

Sivan A

Instruments: Voice

For all students we will work on breathing technique, vocal technique and applying those aspects into songs that they love to sing. If a student picks out a song that doesn't suit him/her, I will help them find the right song for them - building them a diverse repertoire that they can sing any time and any where, without any struggle. Read More

Hien N offers Voice lessons in NYC, New York

Hien N

Instruments: Voice Synthesizer Music

Hien is a sound designer, composer, and singer living in New York. The Budapest-born musician’s deep attachment to music and sound began at a very young age. She studied Electronic Production & Design at Berklee College of Music as a full scholarship recipient. She designs sounds for UX/UI, motion picture and programs sound for live shows. Her singer-songwriter career has included an impressive number of accolades and experiences in the music industry, including Glamour’s "Woman of the Year” award, co-composing the official theme song of Armel Opera Festival, and playing the leading role of Kim in the musical Miss Saigon. Read More

Laura K offers Voice lessons in NYC, New York

Laura K

Instruments: Piano Voice

If students have an interest in learning popular styles, I make sure to incorporate reading jazz/pop symbols into their lessons. When students are able, I have them learn scales and key signatures. For my voice students, I find it most important to pick literature that will be healthy for students to sing, as well as enrich their vocal development. For younger students, I like to both work on folk songs and music theater, and appropriate popular music if they are interested. Read More

Shelly C offers Voice lessons in NYC, New York

Shelly C

Instruments: Voice

Every lesson with every student is different. Every singer's needs change on a daily basis, and vocal exercises change to reflect what the student needs at that moment. Read More

Shelen H offers Voice lessons in NYC, New York

Shelen H

Instruments: Voice Music

It is so important for my students to know that I am here to help them and that they have their own individual path. It is not about improving quickly but really understanding and loving what they are doing. I try to find ways to inspire my students so that the whole lesson is productive and fun. I love sharing my love for music and inspiring my students to know the power that music holds. Read More

Jill W offers Voice lessons in NYC, New York

Jill W

Instruments: Piano Voice Keyboard

For my beginning students, depending on their age, I typically start with a music book, such as John Thompson, Faber or Bastien. I also use a Schaum Note Speller which is a lot of fun and helps progress with music reading. I also love to supplement these books with single sheet music favorites of the student. It is important that my student enjoys each lesson and playing a piece they may be familiar with encourages them to practice. Read More

Teacher In Spotlight


Peter K

Instruments: Piano Guitar Voice Bass Guitar Ukulele Music Keyboard Electric Guitar Classical Guitar Acoustic Guitar

If you have a Music Degree, what is it in (Performance, Education, Musicology, Theory, Composition, etc) and why did you choose that degree?
I have a music degree in Music Performance from Berklee College of Music in Boston. I chose that degree because at that time I was completely focused on mastering the guitar.

Why did you choose your primary instrument?
I wish I had a better answer than this. I turned on MTV when I was 9 years old and saw the Bon Jovi video for "You Give Love a Bad Name." Two weeks later I had my first guitar and was taking lessons.

How do I know if my child is ready to start lessons?
Every child is different. I believe 7-8 is a good age for child to start. Your child's attention span and ability to focus is something to consider. Physical factors also come into play. Sometimes a child is just too small to hold a guitar and it becomes very difficult for them to learn.

When will I start to see results?
By the end of the first lesson you will know more than you did when you came in. How fast a student progresses depends on them. I can only teach them if they are willing to learn and practice. Some students will progress very quickly and others will not.

Did you have a teacher that inspired you to go into music? How did they inspire you?
My first guitar teacher when I was around 9 or 10 was lots of fun. He made me laugh, played heavy rock music, and had a teaching room filled with posters of my favorite bands. I loved going to my lessons. When I got to middle school there was a kid named Josh in my class who played guitar in a local band. They did all covers of 50's and 60's music and played with many of the groups from that era. I invited him over for my first jam session and was blown away at how well he played. He was so accomplished and I was very much an amateur. I couldn't even play a full song. He was taking lessons from a guy in town named Denny Scott. I decided to start taking lessons with Denny and my life as a musician began. Within in a matter of months my playing had improved drastically. When I got to eight grade I auditioned against Josh to be in the middle school jazz band and won. A few months later I took his place in the 50's and 60's cover band and got my first taste of performing. Had I not met Josh and switched to his teacher Denny, I may have never realized my full musical potential.

What advice do you have about practicing effectively?
I believe this varies from student to student. Some students have a shorter attention span and benefit from brief practice sessions. Other students are very enthusiastic and practice incessantly. To see any type of progress I believe each student should practice at least 15-30 min a day. This can be all in one session or broken up throughout the day.

Read More

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