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Featured Piano Teachers Near San Jose, CA

Here are just a few of the many teachers offering Piano lessons in San Jose . Whether you are looking for beginner guitar lessons for your kids, or are an adult wanting to improve your skills, the instructors in our network are ready to help you now!

Amy C offers Piano lessons in   San Jose, CA

Amy C

Instruments: Piano Keyboard

I am a passionate and dedicated person with 10+ years of experience as a part time piano teacher. Teaching piano to others is one of my hobbies. Music has been a part of my life from a very early age. I started learning to play piano when I was 6. From my musical experience, I have strong skills in teaching basic as well as advanced piano lesson to all age students. I went to UC Berkeley for college and minor in music in 2016. Read More

Gina P offers Piano lessons in   San Jose, CA

Gina P

Instruments: Piano Voice

I began taking piano lessons when I was about four years old and voice lessons when I was seven. I was involved in Certificate of Merit for voice and for piano. I studied music at UC Santa Cruz and graduated in 2012. I was exposed to many contemporary pieces and had a wonderful experience in a small but strong department. I have continued singing since graduating and love sharing music and the vocal technique I learned in my undergrad. Read More

James D offers Piano lessons in   San Jose, CA

James D

Instruments: Piano Voice

Music has taken me to see places of the world I would have never been, music has given me some of the coolest jobs in my life. Playing organ for the San Jose Sharks NHL team was a dream come true, and I am still the youngest person to have held that job in the NHL. They still use all of my recordings. I went to the Virgin Islands last year to perform with a band on New Year's Eve, total paradise all to enjoy just for playing some music! Read More

Chris K offers Piano lessons in   San Jose, CA

Chris K

Instruments: Piano Guitar Saxophone Clarinet Drums Bass Guitar Organ Synthesizer Ukulele Mandolin Music Keyboard Electric Guitar Acoustic Guitar

I've been teaching music for a little over 5 years (2014). I have started many kids who don't know if they would rather learn guitar, drums, or piano. So I give them a tour of all three and show them the basics before they decide their favorite. I encourage consistent practice and practice methods that ensure that the students always feel a sense of improvement without frustration. Personally I've felt the sense of improvement after practicing but was still more agitated, but that was college, before I started teaching. Read More

Kerri C offers Piano lessons in   San Jose, CA

Kerri C

Instruments: Piano Saxophone Flute Clarinet Recorder Piccolo

My high school band performed in the Rose Parade, at a 49ers Halftime show, and many other concerts and parades. I made the county Honor Band my senior year in high school. As an adult I have to continued to play at home and in community bands. Branched out into the saxophone a few years ago and had a lot of fun with a saxophone quartet. About 10 years ago I had the opportunity to teach beginning band to elementary school students in Fremont. Read More

Virginia T offers Piano lessons in   San Jose, CA

Virginia T

Instruments: Piano

Being a daughter of a piano teacher, music has always been the most indispensable part of my life - Having a master of music degree in Piano Performance and Pedagogy (Bowling Green State University) and a bachelor of music degree in Music Education (San Jose State University), my education humbles me and elevates my uttermost love and unspeakable crying need for music. I've had the honor to study with some of the most renowned pianists, including Dr Gwendolyn Mok (whose teacher's teacher was Maurice Ravel/doctorate from Stony Brook University), Dr Namik Sultanov (doctorate from Moscow Conservatory), Dr Solungga Liu (doctorate from Eastman School of Music), and Michael Lewin (graduated from Juilliard School). Read More

Teacher In Spotlight


Gretchen S

Instruments: Piano Organ

What advice do you have about practicing effectively?
I have written an E-book about practicing well! Rather than include it here, I will happily share it with my students. The basics include avoiding negative self-talk, making realistic goals for the practice time available (which changes from one day to the next), working on a variety of passages rather than obsessing about just one, and identifying what needs to be improved rather than starting at the beginning and repeating what you already know. And I'll sure I will have a few more suggestions! I have studied with teachers who had no idea how to learn music. Finally, at age 28, I had the good fortune to study with a world-renowned professional pianist in New York. He had to learn music on deadline, and passed a great deal of his expertise on to his students. I am so grateful.

How do I know if my child is ready to start lessons?
First, I should say that Suzuki lessons are wonderful, as are Kodaly and Orff classes. All have proven results. However, that is not my training. The best scenario for me is with students who securely know their left from their right hand. This is because directions change on the piano and can become confusing. ("Down" is "left" on the keyboard.) In addition, by age 8, children's attention span has typically improved. If you have a younger child, you may want to consider a class for children and parents together. Play music for them, sing to them, dance with them, and let them bang on pots and pans. Children's choir is also a great way to go. They will be gaining awareness of melody and rhythm, forming an excellent foundation for lessons. As soon as the child is moving to music, jumping around, smiling, and singing along, s/he is ready to try having lessons.

When will I start to see results?
This is an excellent question! Results start to appear very quickly! Everyone will be playing a tune in the very first lesson. More complicated pieces using both hands together will take a little longer. I have seen adult beginners playing for their families with both hands after two months. The students were surprised that family members recognized the songs! This exact scenario has happened over and over. FYI, I am talking about realistic results here. To play at Carnegie Hall, everyone needs years and years of preparation, just so you know. Recordings make it sound like everything must happen instantly. Some things do.... ;-) Hold that thought!!!

What is your dream piece to perform and why?
I would give my right arm, as they say, to be able to perform Twenty Portraits of the Infant Jesus by Olivier Messiaen. It's too hard! Several years ago, I found four movements that seemed to be more accessible than the others. I would practiced them for two months, say, then put them aside. Six months later, I would try again. The result was always the same. My fingers remembered nothing and I had to start over. After four rounds of this, I decided to look at Messiaen's Preludes instead. I have happily performed three of the Preludes many times. Pierre Laurent-Aimard performs the Vingt Regards (Twenty Portraits) on tour, from memory. I have ceded ownership of the piece to this wonderful pianist.

Read More

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