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Frequently Asked Questions

About Musika

Musika is a resource for individuals seeking qualified independent music teachers who offer lessons for children and adults of all ages and skill levels. Lessons can take place either in a student’s home, in a teacher’s private studio, any public space the teacher has access to, or online via a video chat service such as Skype. Teachers work individually with their students to create lesson plans they feel will work best for each student’s goals.
Musika’s corporate office is located in New York City, however we do not provide lessons at this location. Instead, students work with their teachers at their homes, in teacher’s studios, or online so lessons are convenient for you.

Privacy and Security

Musika LLC is a Participant in the TRUSTe Privacy Seal Program. TRUSTe is an independent organization whose mission is to advance privacy and trust in the networked world. This Web site has agreed to have its privacy practices monitored for compliance by TRUSTe and will never give or sell your information to a third party.
Musika uses VeriSign sealed SSL encryption to protect your information. We want your lessons to be an enjoyable experience and part of that is making sure all your personal information is secure.

Getting Started, Intro Lesson, Lesson Rates and Registration Process

The way to get started is to fill out a trial lesson request form. This will give us your availability for lessons, as well as any other special requests you may have about the kind of teacher you are looking for. If you have browsed the profiles of teachers in your area and you are particularly interested in working with a specific teacher, you can put their name in the “special requests” box and we will send your request to that teacher and others teachers in your area that match your needs, in case the teacher is unavailable. Your teacher will call you directly to set up a risk-free trial lesson.
Yes! Most of our students have lessons in their homes.
Teachers in the network have their own private studio spaces which can be in their own homes, in space they rent in other establishments such as schools, churches, or music stores, or in practice spaces they have access to. When you request a teacher you can let us know how far you are able to travel to get to a teacher’s studio and we will connect you with teachers within your radius.
No, all of our lessons are on a one-on-one basis. We have found that students learn best with individualized lessons that move at the speed appropriate for the student. For households with multiple students, we can arrange lessons with the same teacher back-to-back.
You can find the rates for in-person lessons in your area by searching your zip code here. We are also always happy to discuss our rates with you over the phone, at 877-687-4524.
No, all of our lessons are the same price regardless of instrument, location, or skill level! The only exception to this is our online rates, which differ from our in-person rates.
There is no registration fee.
Definitely! We want you to be comfortable and happy with your teacher. If for any reason you feel it's not the best match, the trial lessons will be free of charge.
We understand that sometimes things just do not work out. In the event you are not satisfied with the instructor, you will not be charged for the introductory lesson and we will provide you with the opportunity to try another instructor.

Our Students

Music can be a lifelong hobby, passion, or even career so getting kids started early is great! That being said, certain instruments are better suited for older children due to the physical development required to play comfortably. We accept students as young as 3 for piano and violin lessons, although if younger children have the attention span to concentrate for a 30 minute lesson it is possible to start earlier. Wind instruments need to be started a bit later, around 8 or 9 years old, and we strongly recommend waiting until the age of 11 or 12 to start formal vocal training. You can read more about age recommendations and other aspects of specific instruments under the “Instruments” tab at the top of the page.
Absolutely! Many of our students are beginning adults and we do not require any previous experience to start lessons. There’s no time like the present to start something new and you’re never too old to pick up a new skill!
We do require an adult over the age of 18 to be present if a teacher is coming to your home. Adults do not need to be in the room, but they do need to be on the premises.
There is no limit on the amount of teachers you can try. Since teacher’s schedules are constantly changing, please be aware that if you try multiple teachers and decide you’d like to study with your first match they may not be available anymore.
For specific teacher requests we'll reach out to your preferred choice first, but sometimes teachers cannot take on new students due to scheduling or commuting issues. In the event that your preferred teacher is unable to take you on as a student, we do our very best to provide you with other available teachers that are a good fit for your request.


We are always looking for qualified teachers all over the country to join our network! Get started here.
All of Musika’s teachers are independent contractors which gives them the complete freedom to make their own schedules and come up with their own lesson plans.
We hold the teachers in our network to high standards so that our students have quality instruction from professional teachers. Nearly all of the teachers have at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Music and many have postgraduate degrees as well. Teacher experience can range from a few years to over 30 years.

Getting an Instrument

Since we are a national company it is difficult for us to make recommendations for individual towns. Once you have a teacher, however, he or she can help you find the best option for your skill level and budget.
The most important difference between keyboards is whether it has “weighted keys” or not. A weighted-key keyboard will feel similar to a real piano, while a cheap keyboard without weighted keys will be more like a toy. Most weighted keyboards start around $300-$400 and have 88 keys, while non-weighted keyboards are around $150 and usually have only 61 keys. We strongly recommend a keyboard with weighted keys. A non-weighted keyboard may be suitable for a very young child in the early stages of their musical development, but it is worth the extra cost to purchase a keyboard that has weighted keys. Weighted keys are less important for voice students, but they are still a nice feature to have, especially if the student decides to start learning piano later on.

Your Lessons

There are a wide variety of things students can learn depending on what direction they want to take their lessons in. We want you to get the most out of your lessons, so our teachers create customized lesson plans for each student in order to accomplish individual goals. Common topics covered are technique for your instrument, warm-up and technical exercises, music theory, sight reading, and applying concepts to pieces of music that the student enjoys.
Putting a timeline on learning a musical instrument is difficult because everyone learns a bit differently and at their own pace. Most beginners will be able to play simple pieces within a few weeks if they are practicing consistently, but for many people learning to play an instrument or to sing is a lifelong pursuit. Even professionals often continue taking lessons as there is always something new to learn or get better at!
Since scheduling is done directly with your instructor time between lessons can be flexible, but we recommend one lesson per week. This gives students enough time to practice and absorb concepts taught in that week’s lesson, but not enough time to forget them!
As long as your instructor has agreed to a biweekly schedule it is fine with us.
While it is possible to take lessons without learning how to read music, we strongly recommend giving it a shot. Many of our teachers are willing and able to teach by ear or rote memorization, but students with a strong foundation in music theory are able to progress quicker and become well rounded musicians.
We'll send your request to the teachers that teach what you want to learn. Some examples of styles that teachers work in are classical, jazz, pop, rock, blues, gospel, r&b, country, folk, indie, opera, musical theater, punk, soul, reggae, bebop, salsa, rhumba, electroacoustic, alternative, surf, grunge, and many more!
Yes. If you have a strong interest in learning through the Suzuki method you can indicate that in the “special requests” field on your trial lesson request form and we will find a teacher who can accommodate you.
We do not require our teachers to provide music and students are encouraged to purchase their own copies. Teachers will discuss and advise what materials you will need prior to lessons. Popular piano method books for beginners typically cost less than $10 and other method books generally are not very expensive. Teachers will discuss and advise what materials you will need prior to lessons. Instructors may also provide supplemental material for you at no charge depending on what you are working on in your lessons.


At this time we can only accept major debit or credit cards. We take Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.
Unfortunately we can only accept payment by credit or debit card at this time and cannot make exceptions. All payment must be made directly through Musika’s main office and not through individual teachers.
We work to protect the security of any information you provide by using 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts information you input so you can be sure that your sensitive information is secure. However, if you prefer, you can call us at (877) 687-4524 to submit your information.
Lessons are charged retroactively on the 14th of the month for the previous calendar month’s lessons. So, for example, any lessons taken during the month of January would be charged on February 14th. We do not charge you in advance, and you only pay for lessons that have taken place. Musika will email you a sales receipt describing monthly lesson dates and charges.
Adult lessons are purchased in packages of eight, and charged upfront along with the introductory lesson. If you want to continue after completing your first package, simply continue taking your lessons and you will be charged automatically for another package after your 9th lesson occurs. If you do not wish to begin a new package, please be sure to contact Musika before your package expires.
Please call us toll-free at (877) 687-4524 to update your billing info!

Lessons Cancellation

Since all scheduling is done directly with your teacher, all you need to do is contact him or her the day before your lesson to cancel for that week. As long as your lesson is cancelled at least 24 hours in advance it will not be charged (same day cancellations are charged) for that day and you can arrange a time to make-up the lesson with your teacher if you both decide. That's up to you.
Canceling without providing the teacher at least 24 hours is considered a same-day cancellation. Same-day cancellations by students will not be made up and will be charged in full.
Yes, lessons that are cancelled in advance by the student or cancelled by the teacher can definitely be made up if you are able to work out a time to do so. Time can also be added to later lessons to make up for a missed week instead of scheduling a completely separate lesson if you prefer. Make ups are charged only when and if they are taken.
If you know you’re going to be out of town for a few weeks, give your teacher advance warning (more than 24 hours) and you will not be charged. Please do not call Musika directly. However, if you are going to be away for an extended amount of time (2 months or more), you can call the Musika office to temporarily close your account until you are ready to resume lessons.
To stop lessons, we ask that you give your teacher two weeks notice so they can accept a new student for your time slot. Once your final lesson has taken place, please notify the Musika office so we can close your account. If you are on a monthly billing plan your final bill will appear on the 14th of the following month.

Gift Certificates

Yes we do! Gift certificates can be purchased in packages of 4, 6, or 8 lessons and can be redeemed at any time. We can only process gift card requests over the phone, so to purchase one call us toll-free at (877) 687-4524. Once we’ve processed your gift card, you’ll receive a certificate via email in .pdf format.
If you’ve received a Musika gift card, simply call us in the office whenever you’re ready to redeem it. One of our representatives with help you get started.
In the rare event that we are unable to find an available teacher for a student trying to redeem a gift card we will refund the purchase in full. Please contact our accounting department for all refund requests.

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Select all the days/times the student would be available to start lessons. Selecting "3pm - 7pm" means the student can start as early as 3pm or start as late as 7pm. It is important that you select as many days and the widest window of start times for each day as possible. That will help us make a match with one of our teachers.


Are you sure that's your only availability? The more availability you easier it will be to arrange a teacher for you.

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