While there are tons of benefits to kids taking piano lessons, we’ve compiled some of our favorites for this awesome list.

kids piano lesson

1. Our musical tastes may change, piano is forever.

The piano can play most genres and styles of music. No matter what style of music your student might develop an interest in, piano lessons will allow your student to continue to explore their favorite songs. This past spring we had a student taking piano lessons in Philadelphia play J.S. Bach’s Menuet in G Major, a piano student in Denver who played the Theme from Star Wars, and a piano student in Austin who played an original composition that she wrote herself! There’s really no limit to what students can accomplish.


2. Students can incorporate vocal and percussive elements into piano lessons.

Some students may be too young to pursue rigorous vocal training. Others prefer to pursue piano over vocal training. Many musicians vocalize as they play which can offer further opportunities for musical expression and understanding with their whole selves. Singing, tapping, humming, and stomping are all part of the variety of ways one can explore further expression while playing  the piano.


3. Pianists explore melody, harmony, and accompaniment.

By reading two lines of music simultaneously, students gain an appreciation for the way that musical elements fit together cooperatively. This diversity allows students to explore music theory and experience the variety of ways an instrument can traverse a composition and interact with additional instrumentation.


4. Students develop focus, dexterity, and emotional understanding.

Expressive outlets, like piano lessons, allow students to focus on something they already love. The more students feed into their passion the more they accomplish. This natural reward system allows students to develop a personal understanding of benefits of hard work and discipline. Students who struggle with manual dexterity, emotional expression, or concentrated focus will find that their natural passion helps them succeed and overcome adversity!

5. Students gain self-awareness.

Students gain valuable life lessons and crucial self-awareness and analysis that will help them excel in other areas of their life. They must think critically about their current playing while focusing on adjusting pace, volume and expression. The enjoyment of music, and the ability to share that enjoyment with others, is a fun and fantastic social benefit of piano lessons!


1 thought on “5 Benefits of Piano Lessons for Your Kids”

  1. I absolutely love this article! I think this is such an overlooked thing that more people need to understand!

    I grew up taking piano lessons, and still realize many of these benefits today. I can truly say taking piano lessons has improved both my professional and personal life. It helped me excel in science and math as a kid, gave me a great work ethic, and also increased my creativity! Even today, I get put on the spot in meetings A LOT in my job, and I attribute my ability to think quickly on my feet and come up with creative solutions to piano lessons. I recently began giving lessons on the side, and am so passionate about people – both kids and adults – realizing the many life-long benefits playing piano can give you.

    I appreciated this article a lot – thanks again!

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