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Featured Piano Teachers Near San Diego, CA

Here are just a few of the many teachers offering Piano lessons in San Diego . Whether you are looking for beginner guitar lessons for your kids, or are an adult wanting to improve your skills, the instructors in our network are ready to help you now!

Hiroko Y offers Piano lessons in   San Diego, CA

Hiroko Y

Instruments: Piano Voice Keyboard

I teach private lesson, which means I plan and teach according to the individual's goal and level. When a student has one song that he or she just want to improve, I will help and focus on that song. When a student want to learn general piano, I use "My First Piano Adventure" piano book series. For piano technique, I use study materials from Certificate of Merit (Piano tests in California). Read More

Andrew F offers Piano lessons in   San Diego, CA

Andrew F

Instruments: Piano Guitar Voice Violin Fiddle Music

Almost all of my experience as a musician has been as a performer of music and as a student of music. The process of collaborative music making at heart is teaching and learning. I enjoy learning my part, and take responsibility for guiding others when appropriate, with the goal of a good experience and stirring performance. I have had only a few private paying music students, and I have not taught music in a classroom setting. Read More

Matt S offers Piano lessons in   San Diego, CA

Matt S

Instruments: Piano Voice Saxophone Drums Bass Guitar Organ Synthesizer Ukulele Mallet Percussion Orchestral Percussion Keyboard

I've been a lifetime musician, and love finding unique and fun ways to motivate my students.  I've worked with most styles of music before, and arranged music for many as well, so I'm very comfortable helping students with a variety of disciplines and interests.  My experience in both the civilian and military music communities has given me a very open-minded but direct approach to WHAT you should learn, and HOW FAST you should be able to progress each individual student. Read More

Gary B offers Piano lessons in   San Diego, CA

Gary B

Instruments: Piano

It is rewarding for me to see students develop their passion for music. And, it's important that each student progress at his or her own pace. I encourage this by setting realistic goals for my students at each lesson. I also try to acknowledge accomplishments to fuel a students desire to progress, which gives students incentives to learn more. By trying to find out what inspires the student, I can successfully tailor my instruction to their wants and needs. Read More

Emily B offers Piano lessons in   San Diego, CA

Emily B

Instruments: Piano

I provide a warm and positive learning environment for students. I believe students learn best when they are unafraid to make mistakes or try new things, and are rewarded for their efforts. After the first few lessons, I ask students if they would like to participate in my reward system for practicing: I give them a small jar and marbles, and every day they practice, they put a marble in the jar. Read More

Mariantonia L offers Piano lessons in   San Diego, CA

Mariantonia L

Instruments: Piano Voice Violin Cello Double Bass Keyboard

I strongly believe in having an open and honest relationship with my student. I think both should know upfront what the expectations should be, such as how long they will practice, what proper progress and growth looks like, as well as what they need from me to help them succeed. More than anything, I want to help my students grow their love for music in any way I can, and that might be different for everyone but that should be the priority. Read More

Teacher In Spotlight


Joanna S

Instruments: Piano Voice

What is your favorite style/genre of music to play and why?
hymns, they are beautiful and heartfelt. I love playing in church and seeing people enjoying singing. I also love contemporary christian music because like to be creative and play chords and sing. I also enjoy contemporary classical music, becauseit is creative. I like the classical music because it is challenging and beautiful.

If you play more than one instrument, how did you decide to start playing the second? (Or 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc)!
I enjoyed singing and people told me I had a good voice. I started taking lessons and singing in choirs. I really started to grow for the love of singing. It was easier for me to play piano and I was shy about singing in pubic. I started finding out I could play piano and sing at the same time which really helped me

When did you decide to become a professional musician? Was it a gradual decision or was there a defining moment for you?
I was asked in churches to play because I could read music and hymns quite well. I was also asked to play for choirs and that was enjoyable. I was asked to teach at a preschool a music class and that is where it all really started. I really enjoyed that and the students grew. The desire to be a professional musician sort of grew gradually, because I always enjoyed creative art also.

If you weren't a musician what do you think you'd be doing instead?
Music is such a big part of my life, but I really enjoy writing stories. I love art also and love my students showing me their art pieces. I would probably be an activity director in a veterans hospital or retirement facility. I really love helping people and would and sometimes think I will study to be an expressive art therapist. The arts heal wounds that can be very deep. Music, art, and dance. I have learned in studying that in dementia music is the last thing to leave them. The can be very ill but you play a song they know their eyes light up even if they can't talk. It is so beautiful to see. I worked with a women who had frontal dementia a music teacher. She was diagnosed with this disease at 68. She couldn't remember music and motor skills were deteriorating but she could still play somewhat. I would also review theory and she could remember songs. IN performing in memory units the people didn't know their names but the songs they could sing.

Do you use specific teaching methods or books? (Ex: Alfred, Bastion, Suzuki, Hal Leonard) Why did you choose them if you did?
Bastien love the chords Alfred for little ones their way of teaching music is great for little ones. It is so much fun and builds confidence Faber their creativity and able to teach children more concepts of dynamics.

If you have a Music Degree, what is it in (Performance, Education, Musicology, Theory, Composition, etc) and why did you choose that degree?
composition. love writing music and such a blessing to be able to understand and be creative. i enjoy teaching but I also enjoy performing. My love for teaching grew when I had my own children. I so much enjoyed children even more and working with all different types of different personalities.

Read More

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