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Featured Piano Teachers Near Phoenix, AZ

Here are just a few of the many teachers offering Piano lessons in Phoenix . Whether you are looking for beginner guitar lessons for your kids, or are an adult wanting to improve your skills, the instructors in our network are ready to help you now!

Clarence G offers Piano lessons in   Phoenix, AZ

Clarence G

Instruments: Piano Guitar Bass Guitar Keyboard

I took guitar lessons, bass lessons, as well as piano lessons when I was a kid. I also interned at music studios and sat in on live audio gigs to learn that aspect as well. I have been playing for artists/bands live and in the studio (primarily on bass guitar) for almost 15 years now. From country, gospel, blues, to classic rock. Most of my experience teaching is with small children. Read More

Tori R offers Piano lessons in   Phoenix, AZ

Tori R

Instruments: Piano Violin Viola

I love to teach students music and help them grow both as people and musicians. In 2009, I graduated from Fresno Pacific University with a Bachelor's degree in Music Education, and my primary instruments were violin, viola, and piano. After graduation, I continued to maintain my home studio where I taught individual lessons, and I also taught elementary orchestra for Chandler Unified. Since having my 2 kids, I teach from home exclusively, and I play in various chamber groups throughout the Valley. Read More

Michael S offers Piano lessons in   Phoenix, AZ

Michael S

Instruments: Piano

I am individual who has performed in many unique venues, despite having been trained classically and formally. I desire to pass on some of my experience and knowledge, and help students acheive their individual potential Read More

Judyta M offers Piano lessons in   Phoenix, AZ

Judyta M

Instruments: Piano Saxophone Flute Clarinet

I am a multiple woodwind performer and an educator with a strong European background in music theory, aural skills, and music history. I hold BM and MM in saxophone performance and recently graduated with my second MM in multiple woodwind performance and pedagogy.  I am a very passionate teacher with years of experienced. I also stay active as a performer which I believe is a very important aspect of a good pedagogue. Read More

Alexis E offers Piano lessons in   Phoenix, AZ

Alexis E

Instruments: Piano Guitar Voice Violin

I am a fun loving and patient instructor who enjoys seeing my passion for music spread to different people. In 2012 I earned a Bachelors in Psychology with a minor in music from Northern Arizona University, and went on to complete a Masters degree in Music Therapy from Arizona State University. I have experience performing in academic orchestras, choirs, and guitar ensembles, as well as with song writing and performing in local bands. Read More

Teacher In Spotlight


Karen M

Instruments: Piano Recorder Music

Does music run in your family? Tell us a little about your musical family members.
Very much so. My Dad's family only appreciated it a lot, but in my Mom's family, everyone sings, everyone plays at least 1 instrument and at least a little piano, and if it is only a little piano, it's because they specialized in another instrument. Only an uncle an I make a living at it, but music is very much a part of everyday life. My uncle is a master violinist and violist and also a master Suzuki method teacher. He actually studied with Dr. Suzuki himself in Japan for 3 years. We don't tend to think about it much, but he also holds a doctor of music degree now.

Did you have a teacher that inspired you to go into music? How did they inspire you?
I had a family that inspired me. Everyone on my Mom's side sang and played at least a little piano and if it was a little piano, it was because they specialized in another instrument. All my cousins and I were in the children's choir when we got old enough. Everyone tends to sing or hum if they are happy. My Mom regularly played good quality music with a lot of variety at home. Some of my earliest memories are being danced around in her arms to music and even when I got older we still did a lot of dancing around to music - by the way, dancing is a great way to learn to feel the beat and Feel the music through your body - it leads to a great and easy way to develop expression in your music. I rarely have to teach keeping a steady beat to those who dance. We often went to see things that had music in them. Even my Dad, who was not musical, still loved music. He would often listen to music at night after work, instead of watching TV. He alternated between conducting the music with a smile on his face and trying to name all the instruments he heard. The big difference between my parents is that my Mom was raised with music as just a part of life and my Dad wasn't. Make music a part of your and your children's lives. We are surrounded by music all the time, but ignore it. Take time to stop and listen and appreciate the Music!

What advice do you have about practicing effectively?
1 - Look the piece over, very well. Looking for patterns and the overall shape of the music. Check all basic details, such as: Clefs, Key Signature, Time Signature and any directions on how the music should be played. 2) Take it apart. Look for sticky spots that might give you trouble. Decide how you will handle it and then practice them. 3) All practice should include: Making sure that you know all the letters, Clapping and then Tapping the rhythms out, Playing hands alone first and Then hands together. Practice SLOWLY to start and then very gradually increase the tempo until you are at full speed. Also, start by practicing section by section. It's a much more efficient and effective way to learn.

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