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Featured Guitar Teachers Near Phoenix, AZ

Here are just a few of the many teachers offering Guitar lessons in Phoenix . Whether you are looking for beginner guitar lessons for your kids, or are an adult wanting to improve your skills, the instructors in our network are ready to help you now!

Bonnie C offers Guitar lessons in   Phoenix, AZ

Bonnie C

Instruments: Guitar Banjo Ukulele Electric Guitar Classical Guitar Acoustic Guitar

I began teaching at the age of 15 at the Willowdale Conservatory of Music where I had the opportunity to tutor underclassmen as a way of paying my tuition. I managed to put myself through college as a single parent by teaching guitar and banjo out of my home and contracting with local community centers and schools for guitar classes. I moved to Arizona in 1987 to accept a teaching fellowship at ASU West while completing my Masters degree. Read More

Justin P offers Guitar lessons in   Phoenix, AZ

Justin P

Instruments: Piano Guitar Bass Guitar

I'm a passionate and motivated instructor who loves working with students and sharing my love of music. In 2007, I graduated from George Mason University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Guitar Performance. I have performed all over the countryside with bands that play anything from jazz - pop - rock. I can teach any style of music. My primary instrument is guitar with a concentration in jazz. I have extensive knowledge in music theory, jazz theory, and music literacy. Read More

Andrew W offers Guitar lessons in   Phoenix, AZ

Andrew W

Instruments: Guitar

I have been playing guitar for 14 years, primarily combining shred guitar techniques with jazz chord inversions and jazz theory. I have studied jazz guitar as well as recieved an Associates in Music. Guitar is my passion, though I do not have the degrees of some teacher I have studied and practiced guitar extensively for many years. I have studied under Jason Beaudreau who is a 25+ year jazz veteren and have educated myself for years as well. Read More

Clarence G offers Guitar lessons in   Phoenix, AZ

Clarence G

Instruments: Piano Guitar Bass Guitar Keyboard

Most of my students (who don't already know) start off with basic theory (Major Scale & Major and Minor Chord Formulas). Whatever their ultimate goal for learning would determine where I would take it from there. If your goal is to play one song for your significant other we can do just that. If your goal is to perform we can cater to that as well. Maybe you're goal is to learn enough to write your own songs. Read More

Aaron W offers Guitar lessons in   Phoenix, AZ

Aaron W

Instruments: Guitar Trumpet Trombone Saxophone Flute Clarinet Euphonium Mallet Percussion Music Acoustic Guitar

I believe that my students should have high expectations and have fun while completing goals. I make sure lessons are fun and progressive. I hold my students to high expectations so when they meet their goal they actually kill two birds with one stone (ex: figuring out a difficult passage in school music while progressing in technique exercises). I give students accompanying assignments to be supplemental to what they have in technique or to help with school music. Read More

James H offers Guitar lessons in   Phoenix, AZ

James H

Instruments: Piano Guitar Classical Guitar

I studied music with the intention to be the teacher I wanted as a youth. I am kind, patient, and creative. I have perfected a process to where 30 minutes of conceptualization matched with strategic practice, will help you get much closer to your goal, in half the time. why should it take years to master an instrument? The traditional approaches used are good, but people desire to make gains quickly. Read More

Taylor S offers Guitar lessons in   Phoenix, AZ

Taylor S

Instruments: Guitar Electric Guitar Acoustic Guitar

The most effective teacher is a friend. As a friend, I can use the most effective teaching techniques to help them progress. Every student is different in their pace, goals, and passions. I love learning my student's musical dreams and fighting with them to accomplish them! Setting realistic goals to both encourage and challenge a student is a core to my teaching. Without those goals, learning to play an instrument remains an overwhelming task! Read More

Teacher In Spotlight


James A

Instruments: Guitar Electric Guitar Classical Guitar Acoustic Guitar

When did you decide to become a professional musician? Was it a gradual decision or was there a defining moment for you?
I decided to be a professional musician in 2011 after mutually leaving a job as a systems administrator that was very interesting yet unfulfilling in comparison to the performance arts.

When will I start to see results?
You will see results similar to other academics in stages similar to grammar, middle school and high school. Learning on your own is primary instruction so when you quit learning on your own you will quit collaborating; its a vicious cycle.

If you have a Music Degree, what is it in (Performance, Education, Musicology, Theory, Composition, etc) and why did you choose that degree?
Christian Business Administration with emphasis in Music Ministry. I transferred from ITT Tech my senior year to Faith Bible College to utilize and fuse all of my experience both in church and at work. I’m thankful to have a well Rounded degree.

What is your dream piece to perform and why?
My dream piece to perform is a song I wrote with an old friend of mine about Gods presence in our lives at the darkest part of our lives. The song is powerful and the first time we performed it we received a standing ovation.

If you play more than one instrument, how did you decide to start playing the second? (Or 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc)!
I started playing drums to fill in when the church was in need of a drummer when I was attending Dundee Hills Church of the Nazarene off N. Oak in Kansas City, MO.

Does music run in your family? Tell us a little about your musical family members.
Yes, music runs in my family but realistically I think it’s more honest to say that artistic intuition runs in my family through many avenues of expression; my dad plays the wrench and it is indeed an art form of itself being able to fix or even invent physical parts to be used in multiple ways. My dad is a true engineer.

What does a normal practice session look like for you?
A normal practice session for me is on point with about 3 to 5 minutes of me checking in on the students pace followed by 25-27 minutes of intense instruction based on practical experience you will need to know to sit in at a local jam.

Do you use specific teaching methods or books? (Ex: Alfred, Bastion, Suzuki, Hal Leonard) Why did you choose them if you did?
My method is similar to Suzuki yet I lean towards composition from more of a local jam perspective emphasizing the importance of learning chords and challenging my students to experiment with jazz.

What do you think is the hardest thing to master on your instrument?
Merging personal artistry and concepts with musical theory in musical notation and performing the same song the same way as to create an epic expression of ones self; mastering site reading in congruence with a truly original work is the hardest thing to master on my instrument.

Have any of your students won awards or been selected for special honors? How have they succeeded?
No, not as of yet but if they did it would be by learning through others secondary to self improvement. Professionals practice without having to be told.

What musical accomplishments are you most proud of?
I’m most proud of my work serving Jesus at church when I played confidently and site reading. For me site reading came difficult and could use additional practice continually. Site reading is the best way to practically grow professionally.

What advice do you have about practicing effectively?
Pick it up once a day and you are almost guaranteed to play for 15 minutes; don’t expect to be in a band called Van Halen if you can’t appreciate Classical Music!

Read More

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