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Featured Voice Teachers Near Jersey City, NJ

Here are just a few of the many teachers offering Voice lessons in Jersey City . Whether you are looking for beginner guitar lessons for your kids, or are an adult wanting to improve your skills, the instructors in our network are ready to help you now!

Joanna H offers Voice lessons in   Jersey City, NJ

Joanna H

Instruments: Piano Voice Recorder Music

Joanna has been teaching private voice and piano lessons for more than ten years. She is highly experienced working with young kids and teenagers from age 5 to 18. In her current teaching position at NYU, she mainly works with college students/adults. She also has many years of experience teaching group lessons, such as music theory, music history, basic musicianship, and chorus ensemble. Her students are always motivated to learn music and have great success in major music competitions, auditions, and music school applications. Read More

Samuel B offers Voice lessons in   Jersey City, NJ

Samuel B

Instruments: Piano Voice Organ Synthesizer Keyboard

I got a 5 on the AP Music Theory exam, and have an overview of theoretical and performance education in contemporary, classical, and jazz idioms. I have taught private hour long piano lessons one-on-one with young children and adults, and taught music theory in group classes as well as privately, through the Shalala MusicReach Program at the University of Miami. Some other tidbits about me are that I have Perfect Pitch, which means that I can quickly learn and notate music for you that you want to learn, and that I am also proficient in music production and notation software if you need help or want to record anything Read More

Daniel H offers Voice lessons in   Jersey City, NJ

Daniel H

Instruments: Piano Voice Violin Viola

I am a caring, intuitive, and experienced musician and teacher. Small-group situations such as studio lessons or chamber music groups find me at my happiest and most fulfilled. I have premiered exciting new works at NYU's Tenri Center, at Stony Brook, Bennington College, Queens College's Aaron Copland School, the LI Composers Alliance, and my alma mater Indiana University. I especially enjoy varied religious settings, for example as concertmaster of the holiday orchestra at St. Read More

Judner A offers Voice lessons in   Jersey City, NJ

Judner A

Instruments: Piano Voice Keyboard

For the last 8 years, I have been whole heartedly devoted to the nourishment of my craft and career. I am someone who believes in going all in so I have only been teaching full time since the pandemic started and part time for 2 years. It has been refreshing to go back to the basics for my beginners and help develop unique goals and repertoire for each student I have worked with. Read More

Rebecca R offers Voice lessons in   Jersey City, NJ

Rebecca R

Instruments: Piano Voice

I began teaching private voice and piano lessons in 2010 while pursing my undergraduate degree, immediately recognizing the joy of helping develop a passion for music within any willing student. I have since continued to teach students of all ages, styles, and experience levels at a studio location, in student's homes, and in music schools. Since I began teaching, I've been most surprised by how much a musical education benefits any student in many aspects of life, whether that be in school, work, or other creative outlets. Read More

Nora T offers Voice lessons in   Jersey City, NJ

Nora T

Instruments: Piano Voice

PIANO Students will learn how to play piano in the context of one-on-one weekly sessions. Nora will support your learning of an applied instrument and incorporate theory and ear training following method books and appropriate supplemental materials. VOICE Master your voice and expand your vocal range in the context of one-on-one weekly sessions through specialized vocalizations, vocal and breathing exercises that strengthen and support air flow, emphasizing phrasing and bel canto technique. Read More

Tom O offers Voice lessons in   Jersey City, NJ

Tom O

Instruments: Piano Voice Bass Guitar

I continue to be amazed and moved by music. While I love all of the many places I've been able to play in my life, my greatest joy comes from inspiring students to want to pursue music. The 'how and why' of music fascinates me. I love being able to teach fun, improvisatory music while instilling a solid foundation of standard notation and basic theory. (Or advanced theory, if you're a nut like me!) Read More

Teacher In Spotlight


Barbara S

Instruments: Voice

Have any of your students won awards or been selected for special honors? How have they succeeded?
* Nick Fargo opened for Sebastian Bach at 19 years old. About ten years later, VH1.com praised his band "MoTHER" in an online article. The band's original cut "Medicine" was audio produced by Grammy-winner David Ivory. The song was chosen for an FDC (Fire Department Coffee) ad that now has 100,000+ YouTube views. * JaQuita May performed on national TV with "Oprah's Pop Star Challenge," which helped launch her professional career. Recently she has done two national TV ads: Diana Ross' hit "I'm Coming Out" for Bloomingdales, and Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time" for Arm and Hammer - with 1.5 mil views on YouTube. * Dan Purcell sang the solo with "Ithacappella" (his college a cappella group,) opening for Rockapella. As a result, both Dan and I were asked to teach at the Highlands A Cappella Festival - featuring Deke Sharon (the Father of Contemporary A Cappella). See Deke and I in our matching red staff T-shirts above. Now a singer/songwriter in the "indie-pop" genre, Dan has released his first original EP on Spotify, with 100,000+ plays for the title song "Serendipity." It includes "Marathon," with Grammy-winning Ivan Jackson on percussion. * Anthony Tamburro gathered his 13 original songs, and released his CD "Alaska" and was praised by Christine Santelli (Grammy Nominated songwriter). His songs received radio airplay on CKCU Ontario Canada, WFDU Teaneck NJ, WCWP, Brookville NY. A chef by profession, his musical success inspired him to fulfill the dream of opening his own restaurant, "Krewe" in Jersey City, NJ. Sometimes he serenades his customers with his guitar while still wearing his apron. Taking singing lessons can help you find your true voice, call out for what you really want, and follow your dreams.

What is your favorite style/genre of music to play and why?
Musical Theater. The music is more high quality, sophisticated, and timeless than most other genres, except perhaps classical. There is a huge variety of Broadway shows that have stood the test of time, and been revived 20 years later to find a new audience. They can tell timeless stories with eternally ageless characters, in fabulous innovative ways like Hadestown, West Side Story, Wicked, Hamilton, Rent. Theater just doesn’t get better than this – and the songs stay with you forever!

What is your dream piece to perform and why?
The song “I Remember Sky” by Stephen Sondheim. It captured me as a young musician. The imagery is beautiful, the music haunting, and I never tire of it.

What does a normal practice session look like for you?
I warm up with a recorded tape from several of my voice teachers, warming up my lower range, mid-range, top range, and blend. The warm-up takes about 20 minutes before I start singing. Then what I’m practicing determines the way I work from that point on into the rehearsal.

What do you think is the hardest thing to master on your instrument?
Your own nerves. And learning that your voice is made of flesh and cartilage and blood and hormones. It is alive! You must work with it and know what to expect of it in a variety of situations – weather, allergies, a cold. Learning when you can “sing through” a problem, and when to let the understudy go on or cancel a performance.

How do I know if my child is ready to start lessons?
Usually, when the student is 10 or 11, you can hear their speaking voice start to change to an adolescent sound. A few students are ready to start earlier, if they have already been performing, they seem drawn to it, and want to continue. But I make that decision on a student-by-student basis.

When will I start to see results?
It’s different for each student. Some students take to the lessons quickly, and I can hear improvements in a month. Others take longer. But a parent may not hear the subtle changes I do as quickly as the changes happen. I usually recommend that if students like the first few lessons, they commit to six months of weekly lessons to really know if this is the right activity for them.

Did you have a teacher that inspired you to go into music? How did they inspire you?
Joseph Scott, the teacher to whom I dedicated my textbook (“Singing: Body and Soul” available on Amazon.com). He was the first one to talk with me about how the brain works during singing. Right brain vs. left brain thinking – he recommended the book “The Right Brain: A New Understanding of the Unconscious Mind and Its Creative Powers.” The first year I studied with Joseph Scott, three of his students received Tony nominations.

Read More

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