drum set on blue background drawing

Principals of Basic Drum Beats for Rock, Part 1

In spite of the seemingly limitless variety one can find in rock drumming, there are also virtually ubiquitous commonalities. In […]

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listening to jazz music

Listening to Jazz: A Beginner’s Guide

Listening to Jazz Music   I have to begin this post with a disclaimer: this article may “ruin” listening to […]

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ancient greek flute

History of the Flute: Antiquity to the Middle Ages

So you’ve been learning to play the flute. You’ve probably seen and heard the flute in music your whole life. […]

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warm light sheet music

Reading Music for Beginners: Rhythm and The Staff

Learning how to read music is probably pretty low on the priority list of many musicians. How can something as […]

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musika recital 2016

2016 Musika Recitals Recap

It’s been a great year for Musika Recitals! We started holding annual spring recitals in NYC 14 years ago, and […]

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reverb effects on soundboard

Beginners Guide to Recording Studio Equipment

The past several decades have seen an evolution in music technology and gear, and now there are generations worth of […]

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motivation to practice violin

How To Find The Motivation To Practice

There is no way to learn how to play an instrument without sitting down and practicing over and over again. […]

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picture of saxophone in watercolor

Jazz Exercises for the Saxophone: Advanced Studies in 12 Keys

Introduction to the Final Part of the Series    This blog post is the fourth and final part of a […]

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suzuki institute group lesson

Suzuki Institute 101: A Beginners Guide to Summer Institutes

When summer rolls around, something many music families and teachers look forward to is the annual Suzuki institute. Now, this […]

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electric guitar

Can’t Buy Me Love Chords: 3 Open-String Minor Chords in Action

In the last installment we used Hey Joe to work on 5 open string major chords. If only major chords […]

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