cello repertoire

Mastering the Cello Repertoire: Twinkle Variations, Dvorak Concerto, and What Lies Between

Rich, warm, and vibrant—the cello repertoire we know today is compiled from centuries of compositions written by some of the […]

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motivation to practice violin

How To Find The Motivation To Practice

There is no way to learn how to play an instrument without sitting down and practicing over and over again. […]

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cello technique exercises

Cello Technique Exercises

Cello technique exercises are part of every cellist’s practice routine. Different teachers will suggest various approaches and methods, but there […]

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The Best Age to Start Cello Lessons

Most Musika teachers recommend the age of 6 or 7 as the best age to start cello lessons.

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Must Have String Instrument Accessories

Besides actually renting or buying a violin, there are different must have string instrument accessories that will be needed in […]

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