lemmy motorhead

Music’s Best Bassists

For some reason, bassists are typically the members of the band who get the short end of the stick most […]

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slap bass

Slap Bass- What It Is and How It Works

If you’ve been a bassist for a while, you might feel a bit like the redheaded stepchild of your band, […]

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bass guitar

Bass Scales

If you haven’t already learned why scales are important, you might think that they’re not anymore special or important than […]

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bass technique

Bass Tutorial

For some reason, some people (mostly non-musicians) look at most bands and see the bassist as the least important element, […]

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isolate electric bass guitar

Types of Basses

This blog article will go over all the different types of basses available on the market today. We will go […]

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motivation to practice violin

How To Find The Motivation To Practice

There is no way to learn how to play an instrument without sitting down and practicing over and over again. […]

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jazz band with bassist

Intro to Jazz Bass Technique

There’s a famous story about the great jazz trumpeter Clifford Brown waking up and, while still in bed, going over […]

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How To Choose A Bass Teacher

Knowing just what to look for in a bass teacher can sometimes be difficult. There are many things to consider, […]

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Best Age to Start Bass Guitar Lessons

What is the best age to start bass guitar lessons? Many bass players actually start out on the guitar before […]

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