Young guy playing bass guitarWhat is the best age to start bass guitar lessons? Many bass players actually start out on the guitar before beginning on bass, but many students do choose bass as their first instrument. Before committing to signing up for bass guitar lessons, it’s important for parents and students to know that the student is the right age to get started.

The biggest issue when it comes to starting lessons on the bass guitar is the size of the instrument. The neck, or fret board, of a standard bass typically measures just under three feet in length. Many guitar manufacturers produce smaller “short-scale” guitars designed for students with smaller bodies and shorter arms, generally 3/4 the size (meaning a 32-inch neck would be 24 inches in a short-scale model). Along with size, the next issue to consider is the child’s physicality; they need sufficient dexterity in their fingers to successfully play chords.

We typically recommend starting bass around age eight or nine, compared to six or seven for guitar. This later age is suggested because the bass has heavier strings and a longer neck, making it difficult for younger students. There are exceptions to this rule: a physically smaller nine year old may not be ready for the bass, while a seven year old who is tall for their age may be fully equipped to play. The bass is a perfect instrument for young adolescents, and our instructors are able to work with all ages.

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