best age to start viola lessons
Many teachers recommend that the best age to start viola lessons is around age 5 or 6.

What is the best age to start viola lessons? The viola is a beautiful instrument that is slightly warmer and mellower in tone than its smaller cousin, the violin. Parents deciding to start their child out on viola should know just a few things before beginning lessons.

Our recommended starting age for the viola is five or six, though exceptions can certainly be made for a younger student who is capable of handling the instrument properly and with sufficient strength in the fingers and hands. The viola is held in the same way as a violin, but it is slightly larger and may be better suited for students already familiar with the violin. Child-size models of the viola are also less commonplace than for the violin. There are some care taking measures for the viola, including maintenance of the bow and strings, that may prove somewhat difficult for younger students. A lot of students begin formal viola training as they enter their school orchestra.

While taking viola lessons, children will begin to learn how to handle the instrument correctly, read music, and develop their overall skills as an overall musician.

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