orchestral score with conductors baton

What is ‘Concert Pitch’?

Concert pitch is a strange thing. Many professional musicians will spend their entire careers never having to deal with concert […]

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motivation to practice violin

How To Find The Motivation To Practice

There is no way to learn how to play an instrument without sitting down and practicing over and over again. […]

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Bb Bass Trumpet

The Bass Trumpet- A Brief Overview

The Bass Trumpet Where it came from and where it is now The composer who wrote a 16-hour opera cycle […]

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Joseph Haydn composer

The Haydn Trumpet Concerto

An Anniversary Celebration: The Haydn Trumpet Concerto The story of Haydn’s trumpet concerto and how it has been played since. […]

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three trumpets

Types of Trumpets: Keys, Size, History, and Performance Practice

When you think about it, telling someone that you “play the trumpet” is kind of like saying that you “play […]

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The Best Age to Start Trumpet Lessons

Any parent considering trumpet lessons for their child needs to know the best age to start trumpet lessons before searching […]

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