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Featured Guitar Teachers Near Orlando, FL

Here are just a few of the many teachers offering Guitar lessons in Orlando . Whether you are looking for beginner guitar lessons for your kids, or are an adult wanting to improve your skills, the instructors in our network are ready to help you now!

Richard R offers Guitar lessons in   Orlando, FL

Richard R

Instruments: Guitar Voice

We work hard in lessons to develop you as the best possible musician you can be. Music is a holistic experience that develops the body, mind, and spirit simultaneously. I support on use the following techniques to encourage student learning. 1. The student should be fully engaged in the process. Organizational processes and details of the learning process develop through the student with examples and guidance from the teacher. 2. I teach the student how to think, not what to think. Read More

Edward P offers Guitar lessons in   Orlando, FL

Edward P

Instruments: Piano Guitar Voice Bass Guitar Ukulele Keyboard Electric Guitar Acoustic Guitar

With every student, no matter the age, I like to get an idea of their goals intended, or help them develop goals along the way. Everyone wants to play music for different reasons, and I like to keep that in mind for each student. However, regardless of the goal, my philosophy is to empower each student to discover their sound and voice on their instrument. Of course, we will still go over the fundamentals and essential "building blocks" of music, but also develop musical personality in the process. Read More

John H offers Guitar lessons in   Orlando, FL

John H

Instruments: Piano Guitar Drums Bass Guitar Mandolin

My teaching style is fun and laid back. I let each student work at their own pace but I do encourage them to practice daily and learn proper technique. Read More

Derek F offers Guitar lessons in   Orlando, FL

Derek F

Instruments: Guitar Bass Guitar Lap Steel Guitar

Like i said before,giving the gift of music to another is one of the greatest gifts in this world. That being said, I try to be enthusiastic and as fun as possible, because when I learned, it was fun! My teacher let me guide him in the direction that I wanted to go all the while making sure I was fundamentally sound. He encouraged me to do the work and figure things out for myself. Read More

Alvaro B offers Guitar lessons in   Orlando, FL

Alvaro B

Instruments: Piano Guitar Voice Violin Cello Viola Flute Drums Bass Guitar Organ Synthesizer Harmonica Fiddle Latin Percussion

I have been teaching guitar and piano to many different students. I love to teach and I think that it is one of the most wonderful things in life. I have been playing in shows since 1999, performing styles from classical music to blues, jazz and rock. I love to play and record live. Read More

Jonathan P offers Guitar lessons in   Orlando, FL

Jonathan P

Instruments: Guitar

My teaching experience began during my volunteer days back in Pennsylvania. I attended Fairview Church in Collegeville, Pennsylvania and assisted in the daycare development of younger children. I would develop a passion for teaching kids through this experience, around the same time I started to pick up playing guitar. Music has always been a passion for me, so to learn to write and play my own music was something that turned into a real dedication. Read More

Reinaldo R offers Guitar lessons in   Orlando, FL

Reinaldo R

Instruments: Guitar Drums Bass Guitar Synthesizer Music Electric Guitar

For younger students I start with showcasing what they can achieve with practice and perseverance. I do that by showing my playing. Then we start with the chromatic scale so the fingers can get use to the strings and moving around the fretboard. Same with drums but we start with easy hits and patterns. For adults I would talk about what are their interest and goal in music (genre, style, job, etc) and go from there. Read More

Teacher In Spotlight


Erik S

Instruments: Piano Guitar Voice Drums Bass Guitar Ukulele Music Keyboard Electric Guitar Classical Guitar Acoustic Guitar

What advice do you have about practicing effectively?
Everyone loves to say, "Practice!" Few people seem to want to translate this idea into something manageable, practical, encouraging, realistic, psychologically fitting, etc. Furthermore, many (young) people who are interested in music are also NOT naturally inclined towards discipline or "high-energy" goal-setting; therefore, they could use even MORE help than normal to actually DEFINE what it means to "practice." (Hint: It doesn't mean just looking at your music and trying to "get through" a song or piece -- although that's better than nothing!) Here's something I recommend to almost all of my students. Try 15 minute chunks each day. See if you can ACTUALLY get through a week doing this EVERY DAY (with perhaps one day off), instead of just telling yourself you "practiced this week." Getting motivated to do these 15 minutes is pretty easy when you know WHAT TO DO with the 15 minutes. Here goes: 1 Take stock of whatever you're working on. How many pieces or exercises are there? If one, that's no problem. 2 Rank these "pieces" by difficulty (and be honest, and don't overthink). "What do I not feel like playing?" Start with that one. If have only one piece, continue to Step 3. 3 Continue the same process WITHIN each piece. "Which part of this do I not feel like playing?" Do it!!! Your "dessert" will be playing the parts you DO like better for now. 4 The first 10 minutes of your practice time should be spent on Steps 1-3, repeating as much as makes sense. There is almost NO LIMIT to how "small" you can get while focusing on "difficult passages." 5 Try to insure you have time (within the 10 minutes) to reincorporate these "trouble spots" into the surrounding material. Hopefully, play/sing through the whole piece/song (assuming it's short enough), so you can enjoy the satisfaction of seeing what your very recent work afforded you. 6 (IMPORTANT AND UNDER-RATED) Spend 5 full minutes playing your instrument with "no rules," except the rule that you "can't" play your "actual pieces." Get to know your instrument on more personal terms: "What happens if I do this? What does this sound like? How does this feel physically? How do I play that thing I heard from a friend the other day?" If everything you do on your instrument was "following directions," you are missing out on creativity, on freedom, on mastery, on expertise, on enjoyment, on MUSIC. If you don't SET ASIDE TIME to have fun on your instrument, you may never do so, and you may "rebel" and use other time that should be used on your pieces to have fun instead. Besides, knowing that it's "play time" at the end makes "working" on your pieces less of a threat to the lazy part of your brain. Notice, please, that I recommend 1/3 of your DAILY music time to be spent in a "free" way. This wasn't an accident. Notice also, that I didn't recommend 1-2 hours' worth of daily practice time. Also not an accident. . . . If you've ever seriously taken up a fitness routine, you may have encountered the advice that you should "leave yourself wanting more" as opposed to constantly draining yourself and inviting burnout. I believe it's the same with music. I also believe that anyone who ASPIRES to an hour or more of practice time should have no trouble committing to 15 minutes . . . and that our beliefs about how we're spending our time are often far removed from reality . . . ! Therefore, make yourself "faithful in small things" before moving on to bigger things.

Read More

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Play By Ear: A Quick Guide for Beginning Musicians
Guitar Scales Chart: Major, Minor, Pentatonic, and Blues
2 Chord Songs: Easy Songs for Guitar
Testing Room Acoustics for Musicians
Intro to Jazz Bass Technique

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