rhythm notation 4/4 time

Rhythm Notation: Learning to Read Basic Rhythms

Something I find myself telling my students over and over again is that before anything else, they’re rhythm players. I […]

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transcribing music

Ear Training for Musicians: A How To Guide

Music is rare in the fact that it’s one of the most powerful things in the world even though it’s […]

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lead sheet example

Understanding Lead Sheet Notation

What is Lead Sheet Notation?   If you have any experience performing jazz, or any other style of popular music, […]

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piano view

Piano Terminology: Top Terms to Know for Beginning Pianists

Learning an instrument the like piano can be a challenging undertaking filled with exercises, symbols, and terms that might seem […]

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warm light sheet music

Reading Music for Beginners: Rhythm and The Staff

Learning how to read music is probably pretty low on the priority list of many musicians. How can something as […]

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piano sight reading

Ways to Improve Piano Sight Reading

I have listed some guidelines below that I use to maintain and improve the piano sight reading skills of my […]

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Sheet music Musika Lessons

Reading Music and Reading Words Are Very Similar

Learning how to read music – specifically, sight reading music – is one of the most difficult things that a […]

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What are Clefs in Music? How to Read Treble, Bass, Alto, and Tenor Clef

by Emiko Hayashi What are clefs in Music? How do I read the notes? Music is usually notated using the […]

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