music careers

Music Careers

When most people think of music careers they think of the professions mega pop stars like Adele, Kanye West and […]

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music practice room acoustics

Testing Room Acoustics for Musicians

The impact and importance of room acoustics are rarely acknowledged by musicians. Everything about a room— the shape, the furniture, […]

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music producer making an album

How to Become a Music Producer

For many musicians and music lovers, to be a music producer is the absolute dream job. You get to spend […]

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audio equalizer

Mixing Basics: Intro to Audio Mixing

There are two instances when you need to mix audio: when an album is being recorded and when a band […]

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reverb effects on soundboard

Beginners Guide to Recording Studio Equipment

The past several decades have seen an evolution in music technology and gear, and now there are generations worth of […]

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recording microphone

Recording a Demo at Home

The greatest part of being a musician is sharing your music with others. While live performance is the most fulfilling […]

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audio engineering mic

The Benefits of Learning About Audio Engineering

In the vast world of music there is limitless room for learning and improvement and there are many benefits of […]

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Michael Jackson Infographic

This month marks the four year anniversary of the passing of Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson was an inspiration to countless […]

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