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Featured Voice Teachers Near Fullerton, CA

Atalia M offers voice lessons in Fullerton, CA

Atalia M


...My passion for music is the most pervasive quality of my personality. Consequently, passing that passion on to others is what brings me the most joy in life. ... Read More

Gary L offers voice lessons in Fullerton, CA

Gary L


...I have learned from some of the best teachers in and around Los Angeles, having studied for 4+ years in the early 1990s. I love to hear good vocals. ... Read More

Yi Christine C offers voice lessons in Fullerton, CA

Yi Christine C


...We also play the keyboard race game which is always a hit with students. A number of my new students in this age category are transfer students who have been learning for some time and are reading music notation in their method books, despite having significant trouble identifying notes on the keyboard quickly. ... Read More

Jorge G offers voice lessons in Fullerton, CA

Jorge G


...Other than doing things musically, practicing in different times and intentions help a lot for the student to be open to play songs in different ways. Technique and theory are necessary tools.... Read More

Becky S offers voice lessons in Fullerton, CA

Becky S


...I have a few books to help us work through technique, but try to use that technique in music that the student will be excited to practice.... Read More

Dave S offers voice lessons in Fullerton, CA

Dave S


...Of course, acknowledging accomplishments helps students feel they're progressing, but finding what truly inspires them will help them want to practice and get better. For me, I found scales and theory boring as a kid, so I wished my teachers would teach me how to play my favorite songs and write my own with a little theory mixed in instead of only learning the theory and scales.... Read More

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Trusted as the industry leader, for over 20 years the teachers in our network have been providing trumpet lessons in Fullerton to students of all ages and abilities.
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“Iris” - Goo Goo Dolls

...the tune faster while giving you some ideas for how to approach performing it. I provided some useful links above and I’ll take you through the Iris chords, accompaniment patterns, song form and a chord chart. Everything you need to get started playing this tune. Iris Chords   Chords Bm Bsus2 G D Em A Progression i Isus2 bVI bIII vi bVII   “Iris” is a soulful acoustic number. We can use the acoustic guitar part from the studio recording as a template that we’ll base our strumming approach on. However, there are some tricky parts that need to be ironed out... Read More

Four Easy Breathing Exercises for Singing

...from the low torso or even from under your feet—doing this will help keep shoulders and chest free of tension. Imagine the spine growing longer with BOTH the inhale and exhale of your breath, particularly on the exhale. If your body is feeling particularly tense, try gently stretching before beginning the breathing exercise to create a feeling of physical freedom and increase body awareness.   Breathing Exercise #1 – In through the nose, out through the mouth This simple, introductory exercise can be performed standing, sitting, or lying down. Inhale deeply through the nose while slowly counting to three. ... Read More

10 Benefits of Learning Piano an amazing instrument for a wide range of people.   The piano was invented early in the 18th century by the instrument maker Bartolomeo Cristofori. This was a time in history when art and music was starting to better reflect the human condition, and Cristofori wanted to create a powerful instrument that could be played both loudly and softly. Cristofori built his first piano by adapting a harpsichord, an instrument lacking dynamics of any sort because it plucks strings to create pitches. The piano was so revolutionary because it was built using a system of small hammers that struck the strings, ... Read More

Song Structure Tips for Songwriters

...renewed perspective on song structure and how to write engaging music.   When To Defy Conventional Song Structure In Your Songwriting   Most songs contain a song structure with some version of verse-chorus-verse-chorus. Tens of thousands of widely loved and acclaimed songs contain this sort of form, but it doesn’t mean yours has to. I recommend trying something totally new just for the sake of exploration and flexing your creative muscles. What if your song had no chorus? How would it sound to write a song with no repeating sections? Taking the time to explore creativity in your songwriting will do ... Read More

Where Can I Take Music Lessons? avoid any distractions that come from the home environment, especially if there are many children or pets in the household. Some students also enjoy lessons outside of the home simply because it is something to do outside of the home. Another factor to consider is the location of the home. Many of our students who live in apartment buildings rather than a private residence may find it would be better for them to take lessons in a studio facility or at the teacher’s home. A teaching space operated by the instructor also has many advantages: they have access to their entire collection of sheet music, instruments, and other equipment. For parents who are at all concerned about lessons done outside ... Read More
“Iris” - Goo Goo Dolls
Four Easy Breathing Exercises for Singing
10 Benefits of Learning Piano
Song Structure Tips for Songwriters
Where Can I Take Music Lessons?

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