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Featured Guitar Teachers Near Edison, NJ

Here are just a few of the many teachers offering Guitar lessons in Edison . Whether you are looking for beginner guitar lessons for your kids, or are an adult wanting to improve your skills, the instructors in our network are ready to help you now!

Max A offers Guitar lessons in   Edison, NJ

Max A

Instruments: Piano Guitar Voice Drums Organ Synthesizer Recorder Mallet Percussion Orchestral Percussion Conga Latin Percussion

For all my students, including vocalists, I always try to keep things enjoyable with mixed repertoire assignments. Even at beginner levels, I've seen some of my students cover the songs thattheywant to learn. I didn't learn to sing and play the piano by being forced to play songs I didn't enjoy as a listener. The key is finding music that is both challengingto create andfun as heck to perform. Specifically as a vocal teacher and overall vocal performance enthusiast, I rely on contemporary ear training as the key method to my teaching style. Read More

David S offers Guitar lessons in   Edison, NJ

David S

Instruments: Piano Guitar Saxophone Flute Synthesizer Keyboard

I do, however, allow diversion and conversation in lessons. If there is a song that may explain the musical idea, we will stop and listen. If a young child wants to relay a story from school they thought of because of our practice, I will stop and listen. I may also speak in depth about musical history, style, or even the psychology of music. I think this combination draws students into the mind of a musician, and gets them to start thinking like one. Read More

Andy A offers Guitar lessons in   Edison, NJ

Andy A

Instruments: Guitar

By far the greatest feeling as a teacher is that moment when the "lightbulb" turns on for the student and the idea clicks. It's an amazing feeling and to see growth happening is such a privelege. I remember the excitement of learning a new song when someone would show me, or when I'd get a challenging part. Honestly, there's not a feeling on earth as gratifying for me as in the moment, knowing that I used to not be able to do this, and now I can do it. Read More

Robert B offers Guitar lessons in   Edison, NJ

Robert B

Instruments: Piano Guitar Bass Guitar Ukulele Music Keyboard Electric Guitar Classical Guitar Acoustic Guitar

I teach out of instructional books, notably books by Hal Leonard, Mel Bay, and Alfred. Sometimes, I use sheet music print outs, and draft up my own exercises.  I go back in forth in a non-conventional manner, adapting accordingly to the student's needs.  I like to incorporate exercises and warm ups to improve and enchance technique.  I also teach songs that the student would like to learn.  I'm very patient and rarely rigid in my approach, although I do stick to a general routine that allows a focused approach to learning. Read More

Andrei P offers Guitar lessons in   Edison, NJ

Andrei P

Instruments: Piano Guitar Drums Bass Guitar Banjo Ukulele Mandolin Double Bass

I practice a very open approach to teaching my students. I allow my students to self guide their lessons. However, I make it a point to keep them on track and progressing. I tend to custom tailor my lessons to the unique individual needs and goals of my students. This applies to choosing methods and creating lesson plans. Read More

John E offers Guitar lessons in   Edison, NJ

John E

Instruments: Guitar Voice Trumpet Trombone Bass Guitar Double Bass Euphonium Tuba

Success starts with conversation. I will find out what the student is interested in learning and devise the most effiecient path to success. My methods are both scientific and tactile, and if they are followed correctly, the student is sure to experience rapid growth. Read More

John F offers Guitar lessons in   Edison, NJ

John F

Instruments: Guitar Electric Guitar Classical Guitar Acoustic Guitar

It is important to be musically ambidextrous: chances are, in your band's rehearsal, your other musicians will share ideas using tabs, not traditional notation. You can be the best note-reader on planet Earth, but if you cannot communicate a language others use, you find yourself stuck. I always incorporate music that my student likes to listen to, and frequently request Spotify or iTunes playlists for reference. I try to adapt pop songs into my curriculum (from their playlists) to teach chord theory and songwriting structure, and encourage students to write their own music. Read More

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