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Featured Piano Teachers Near Edison, NJ

Here are just a few of the many teachers offering Piano lessons in Edison . Whether you are looking for beginner guitar lessons for your kids, or are an adult wanting to improve your skills, the instructors in our network are ready to help you now!

Marilyn S offers Piano lessons in   Edison, NJ

Marilyn S

Instruments: Piano Violin

I have had a great deal of experience with all ages and want to share my love for music with others. As long as the student is enjoying playing an instrument, progressing, my goal has been reached. Read More

Robert S offers Piano lessons in   Edison, NJ

Robert S

Instruments: Piano

I follow no particular method, although I try to inculcate a fluid technique. I have been greatly influenced by Gyorgy Sandor's ideas (author of On PIano Playing and a former teacher at the Juilliard School), but have evolved my own approach. I have found that a student's motivation and commitment are more important than the methods used. Consequently, I modify my "curriculum" to suit their individual personalities and talents. Read More

Brigid S offers Piano lessons in   Edison, NJ

Brigid S

Instruments: Piano Trumpet Trombone Saxophone Flute Clarinet Acoustic Guitar

First and foremost, learning any musical instrument should be a fun experience. With this in mind, each person's lesson is subjective and progresses according to the student's learning style; a beginning 5 yr old student's lesson will look much different that a beginning 14 yr old student's lesson. Each student will learn repertoire from a lesson book, solo repertoire and anything else that they may express interest in. As a student progresses, their repertoire will naturally become more challenging . Read More

Drew W offers Piano lessons in   Edison, NJ

Drew W

Instruments: Piano Guitar Electric Guitar Classical Guitar Acoustic Guitar

I treat each student as an individual and spend time getting to understand their goals, musical tastes, learning style, and ability level. As we get to know each other I guide the student through exercises, repertoire, techniques, and concepts that are specifically catered to build a foundation to achieve their unique goals. As we proceed down this road, I provide feedback and suggest new exercises or material based on a mutual understanding of strengths, weaknesses, and what has worked well so far. Read More

Andrew F offers Piano lessons in   Edison, NJ

Andrew F

Instruments: Piano Voice Drums Synthesizer Ukulele Orchestral Percussion Conga Djembe

As someone with diverse training with multiple instruments and styles, I am very determined to teaching my students and having them become the best they can be at their instrument. I am firm, but patient and understand that practicing the right way is more important than practicing frequently. I am able to work as slow or fast as a student needs; it all depends on their comfortable pace. When my students accomplish their goals, whether it be learning a piece, perfecting a new technique, or gaining experience performing live, it will be incredibly rewarding for both of us. Read More

Alisher L offers Piano lessons in   Edison, NJ

Alisher L

Instruments: Piano Guitar Violin Synthesizer Fiddle

I am an active composer- violinist of acoustic music. My compositions have been selected for national and international performances, music festivals forums and conferences ( 27 countries ). Some of my compositions have been published in prestige publishing houses of USA, France, Russia and Belgium. In addition to composing, I perform on violin and piano (Library Congress Wash.DC), (United Nations) NYC Read More

Nihal S offers Piano lessons in   Edison, NJ

Nihal S

Instruments: Piano Guitar Bass Guitar Synthesizer Electric Guitar Acoustic Guitar

I try to provide a good balance between working on theory, technique, and repertoire, and working on aspects that might be more fun like a students favorite song. This allows the student to make progress while also keeping motivated, which is really important for long term goals. For children, the balance has to lean more towards the more entertaining aspect, because of the reduced attention span. I actively work towards getting the younger students to increase their tolerance towards difficult challenges so that they can make more overall progress. Read More

Teacher In Spotlight


Ineta Y

Instruments: Piano Accordion

How do I know if my child is ready to start lessons?
Usually a child is ready when he/she knows his ABC and can count from 1 -10. The best time is when a child is 6 years old, but every child is different. We have to look at the entire package. Does a child able to move all his fingers. Can he or she play with both hands. Are the fingers strong enough to push the keys down to make it sound. Also we have to look if the child has any delays talking, or understand directions. After viewing all the factors the child can pass the test, you can be sure he is ready to play.

When will I start to see results?
You can see results shortly after 6-8 lessons. Depending what method you will be teaching, after 1.5 month or 2 months children can play three easy songs. Older students are able to handle harder pieces and play more difficult or longer song. Every child is different, but with a lot of practice and pation you can see results any time from 2-3 months. Hand positioning and fingering usually need adjustment for the 12 months for the young children. If you continue practicing every day, you will get the technique faster than you are expecting.

Did you have a teacher that inspired you to go into music? How did they inspire you?
I had two Russian teachers and I am so thankful today. They were very strict but knew how to aprouch to teach. They both were very different. One was very young and used to demonstrate in a very pationate way, the other teacher was old, and used to perform with dynamics. Sometimes closed the book, and say you have to practice more. At the beginning I used to get frustrated. Endless practicing made me to understand how to perform with correct fingers and beautiful dynamics. I dearly love memories about both great teachers.

Why did you choose your primary instrument?
I loved piano the most. I had a best friend that played piano. Her piano was so advanced. Just by looking at her fingers moving fast, I didn’t want to play any other instruments. Very shortly after couple months of great instructions, my fingers became so fast as well and I am so glad I chose a primary instrument piano. Piano is the easiest instrument to start playing and the hardest instrument to master. I love challenges and take studying seriously. Piano was my favorite instrument when I was a child and still is.

Do you use specific teaching methods or books? (Ex: Alfred, Bastion, Suzuki, Hal Leonard) Why did you choose them if you did?
My special method is to teach from N. Fibers books. Her books are most sequently written. The books are fabulous full of pictures, directions and excersizes. It comes from very introduction how to play on black keys and takes you to the songs with different levels. It teaches you entire music theory. The books teaching important things you need to know when you starting. Every student should have a beginners book. Students can start learning from Alfred’s or Bastien books as well. Variety when you have a lot of students is good. I do teach Suzuki method as well. Every book is for a different student.

Read More

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