ukulele chords

Ukulele Tutorial For Complete Beginners

If you’re new to music and want to learn how to play an instrument, the ukulele just might be your […]

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how to improvise on guitar

How to Improvise on Guitar

A staggering amount of amazing music has been created by talented guitarists with the ability to pull riffs, rhythms and […]

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i see fire chords

I See Fire Chords for Beginner Guitar -(Ed Sheeran)

I See Fire is a song recorded and produced by English singer-songwriter, Ed Sheeran. The song was commissioned for the […]

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bass technique

Bass Tutorial

For some reason, some people (mostly non-musicians) look at most bands and see the bassist as the least important element, […]

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chord progressions

5 Songs With Easy Chord Progressions For Guitar

You might not know it yet, but much of the music you know and love is built with easy chord […]

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Beatles piano songs

Beatles Piano Songs

It’s safe to say that The Beatles have had more influence on music and cultures over the past half-century than […]

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the only exception chords

The Only Exception Chords for Beginner Guitar (Paramore)

Easy Guitar Chords Arranged for Beginners   American rock band, Paramore, released the song “The Only Exception” as the third […]

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guitar vs ukulele

Ukulele Vs. Guitar

The ukulele and guitar are two amazing instruments that share a lot of similarities but also plenty of stark differences. […]

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take me to church chords

Take Me to Church Chords for Beginner Guitar (Hozier)

Easy Guitar Chords Arranged for Beginners   “Take Me to Church” is a song by Irish musician Hozier for his […]

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Guitar Tutorial For Complete Beginners

Many people of all different ages and backgrounds have tried their hand at learning how to play the guitar at […]

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