Indie Piano Songs

Over the past two decades, alternative music has slowly bled and blended its way into the mainstream. The resulting music […]

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Best Cover Songs for Beginner Guitarists

Learning how to play guitar for the first time can be an incredibly exciting experience. The feeling of mastering a […]

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guitar hacks

Guitar Hacks

If you’re new to the guitar and want to figure out how to get started, you might feel everything from […]

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leonard cohen

Easy Piano Covers

Piano music has added so much to popular music that it’s almost hard to see its full impact. It’s an […]

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lemmy motorhead

Music’s Best Bassists

For some reason, bassists are typically the members of the band who get the short end of the stick most […]

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learning piano

The Challenges of Children Learning Piano – 10 Tips To Help

Learning piano for the first time can be difficult at any age, but young children typically face more significant challenges […]

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indie ukulele songs

Indie Ukulele Songs

Indie songs and the ukulele are a match made in heaven. This is because the indie genre largely favors accessible […]

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covering songs

Covering Songs: How to Do It and Why You Should

The tradition of everyone from popular artists down to amateur musicians covering songs written by their favorite musicians is one […]

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kid learning guitar

Tips For Learning Guitar

For most new guitarists, there’s no better feeling than picking out a guitar from the music store and holding it […]

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learning guitar

Learning Guitar For Busy Adults- 10 Tips To Help You Reach Your Goals

When you were a kid, you probably thought the adults in your life had it made. After all, adults have […]

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