The Best Age to Start Music Lessons

Knowing the best age to start music lessons for each instrument is a crucial part of a child’s musical development. […]

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Ask A Teacher: The Best Piano Method for Kids

Most parents wonder what the best piano method for kids is.  The best answer is that it depends on the […]

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Tips for Beginning Flute Players

We have compiled some great tips for beginning flute players, including when to start lessons, how to get an instrument, […]

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Musika Spring 2013 Recitals

Musika is proud to announce our spring 2013 music recitals! We are offering over 20 music recitals across the country […]

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The Art of Voice Classification

Voice classification is both the science and art of determining what voice type an individual singer is.  Every singers voice […]

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Must Have String Instrument Accessories

Besides actually renting or buying a violin, there are different must have string instrument accessories that will be needed in […]

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microphone for singing

V-I-B-R-A-T-O – Learning How to Sing With Vibrato

What is vibrato, and why do the judges on American Idol keep bringing it up? Vibrato is the act of […]

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Sheet music Musika Lessons

IMSLP – Free Sheet Music in the Public Domain

Someone once said, “Nothing in life is free”. Well, that person clearly hadn’t stumbled upon IMSLP, a website that provides […]

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Stars in Our Eyes: An Interview with Paul Huang, Young Concert Artists’ Brightest New Recruit

By Sarah Hucal Meet Paul Huang, a 22-year-old Taiwanese-American college student, lover of culinary arts, and veritable violin virtuoso. As […]

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Opera for All: The Met Brings Productions to the People During the 2012–13 Live in HD Season

by Sarah Hucal The late-August sun was beginning to set, casting a warm glow over Manhattan’s Lincoln Center Plaza at […]

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