jazz scales image

Jazz Scales: The Augmented Scale

The Augmented Scale Last time, we talked about the blues scale and how it is often the first “jazz” scale […]

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recording live music

Tips for Recording Live Music

While there are countless different methods to record live music, the principles of recording are universally similar. Recording live music […]

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Let It Be Album Cover

Across the Universe Chords for Guitar

“Across The Universe” was released on The Beatles’ album “Let It Be” in 1970. This masterpiece finds The Beatles at […]

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electric guitar and amp isolated

Guitar Gear: A Beginner’s Guide

A musician is ever dependent on their gear. This is particularly true of guitarists, as the popularity of the instrument […]

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piano keys chart

Piano Keys Chart for Beginner Piano Students

One of the best things about beginning to learn piano is that the keys are easily laid out for you. […]

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composing music pencil

Elements of a Song

Even experienced songwriters and seasoned musicians listen to music without knowing exactly what is they’re listening to sometimes. Elements of […]

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blues jazz saxophone

Jazz Scales: The Blues Scale

The Blues Scale Every now and then, I’ll meet a fellow musician, or read an interview with a popular jazz […]

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acoustic guitar

Imagine Chords Guitar Tutorial

Few songs have the power to inspire hope and change within a person as much as John Lennon’s “Imagine.” This […]

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music practice room acoustics

Testing Room Acoustics for Musicians

The impact and importance of room acoustics are rarely acknowledged by musicians. Everything about a room— the shape, the furniture, […]

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creativity in piano lessons

The Importance of Creativity in Piano Lessons

Creativity in piano lessons allows teaching to be flexible. I dedicate about half of the lesson to the individual needs […]

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