infant music lesson

A Case for Early Childhood Music Education

When I was young, there weren’t a lot of organized activities or private lessons available for children in the three […]

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belt mix lesson

Belt Mix Untangled: A 5-Step Guide

Have you ever tried to learn a new song and found yourself straining to reach certain pitches, resorting to “shout-singing” […]

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stradivarius violin

Cremona Violins: Innovative and Artistic Instruments

What is a Cremona violin? Well, you’ve probably heard of a Stradivarius. Maybe one of your favorite professional string players […]

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recording microphone

Recording a Demo at Home

The greatest part of being a musician is sharing your music with others. While live performance is the most fulfilling […]

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acoustic guitar

Learn the 3-Octave G Major Scale On Guitar

If you’re new to the guitar, the idea of learning how to play scales might seem like a waste of […]

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setting up a drum set

Setting Up a Drum Set

So you’ve just bought your first drum set, and right now you just might be staring at the pile of […]

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Bb Bass Trumpet

The Bass Trumpet- A Brief Overview

The Bass Trumpet Where it came from and where it is now The composer who wrote a 16-hour opera cycle […]

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cello technique exercises

Cello Technique Exercises

Cello technique exercises are part of every cellist’s practice routine. Different teachers will suggest various approaches and methods, but there […]

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6 strings guitar

Open-String Guitar Chords

Every guitarist, no matter what level or playing style, needs to develop a vocabulary of chords. After all, every song […]

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solfege building blocks

The Kodály Approach – More than Hand Signs

When thinking back on early music experiences, we often reminisce about the elementary school days. Those memories could be filled […]

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