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Featured Guitar Teachers Near Escondido, CA

Here are just a few of the many teachers offering Guitar lessons in Escondido . Whether you are looking for beginner guitar lessons for your kids, or are an adult wanting to improve your skills, the instructors in our network are ready to help you now!

Jonathan G offers Guitar lessons in   Escondido, CA

Jonathan G

Instruments: Piano Guitar Synthesizer Keyboard

My teaching experience has been drastically influenced by changes in my life both as a student and a performer. My early education was heavily influenced by traditional teaching methods in classical music. So when it came time to study my first introductory jazz course I was rocked to my core. I began not only to enjoy the music I played, but became more aware of the relationships between keys, chords, scales and notes. Read More

Perry J offers Guitar lessons in   Escondido, CA

Perry J

Instruments: Piano Guitar Voice Trombone Drums Organ Synthesizer Euphonium Tuba Keyboard Acoustic Guitar

I started teaching piano and drums in church around the age of 18. Once I got to college, I picked up trombone, piano and singing lessons for various students aging from 4 years old-22 years old. I realized that teaching, part time, was a passion of mine and greatly became something that I focused my efforts on full time. Now, as a professional musician, I take pride in helping others achieve their music dreams. Read More

Aaron S offers Guitar lessons in   Escondido, CA

Aaron S

Instruments: Guitar Bass Guitar Double Bass

I want to show you that music can be the most exciting and enriching experience in your life! The best way for a student to grow and succeed as a musician is to enjoy playing. There is an enormous amount of practice that comes with learning an instrument, but if you become passionate about playing, then the urge to practice will come naturally. We will work together to establish a long term goal. Read More

Brandon E offers Guitar lessons in   Escondido, CA

Brandon E

Instruments: Guitar

I have been teaching for about 6 months, and so far it has been a great experience. Watching a student become passionate about learning how to read and perform music reminds me of why I am a musician myself. I find that a student is most successful when they have something to work on that stimulates their interest. It encourages more practice and leads to faster development of instrument control and understanding of the way music works. Read More

Kenneth L offers Guitar lessons in   Escondido, CA

Kenneth L

Instruments: Piano Guitar Trumpet Saxophone Clarinet Drums Bass Guitar Ukulele Music Keyboard Electric Guitar Acoustic Guitar

My teaching style begins with my assessment of each student's abilities, physical, mental, and emotional. By that method I am able to design a realistic program for each student. Patience and encouragement go hand in hand, acknowledging their accomplishments all along the way. Once some fundamentals are established, I add pieces that the student has an interest in learning. In preparing for recitals I often accompany students which adds not only enjoyment for them but encouragement for them to overcome hesitancy to perform publicly. Read More

Isabela V offers Guitar lessons in   Escondido, CA

Isabela V

Instruments: Piano Guitar Trumpet Clarinet

In 2006, my love for music began at Temecula Middle School, which is where I played clarinet for three years and performed in Disneyland and Las Vegas. In 2013, I graduated from Temecula Valley High School and I completed four years of marching band there. I was clarinet section leader for one year and also played with the Bravura Youth Symphony Orchestra outside of school for three years. I became clarinet section leader and board member for that group as well. Read More

Ishmael M offers Guitar lessons in   Escondido, CA

Ishmael M

Instruments: Piano Guitar Voice Drums Organ Latin Percussion

My style of singing is called "Bel Canto", italian for beautiful singing. Smooth, flowing melodies, flatter the voice to help it become even, flexible and expressive. My student's voices will not wear out, but rather, they grow stronger and more responsive to their owners emotions. Students will learn about all the areas of the body in which the voice can travel, articulation and enunciation, and a huge array of vocal exercise. Read More

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