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Featured Voice Teachers Near Riverside, CA

Here are just a few of the many teachers offering Voice lessons in Riverside . Whether you are looking for beginner guitar lessons for your kids, or are an adult wanting to improve your skills, the instructors in our network are ready to help you now!

Samara R offers Voice lessons in   Riverside, CA

Samara R

Instruments: Piano Voice Violin

Expect lessons to be fun and enjoyable! I want all my students to love music. I use a variety of materials to craft customized lessons based on your interest, skill level, and musical style. Let me know what you want to learn and I can help you achieve that goal! Read More

Tai N offers Voice lessons in   Riverside, CA

Tai N

Instruments: Piano Voice Organ Keyboard

<  My teaching experience includes public school, private schools, homeschool groups, and individual studio instruction. Most recently, I am an undergraduate music instructor.  I love performing but more that that I love to see my students embrace a lifelong love of music.  I employ a variety of hands-on techniques that engage students and use incentives to help them achieve success. In a collaboration with parents, I seek to know the student and set up a positive reinforcement dynamic. Read More

Omar G offers Voice lessons in   Riverside, CA

Omar G

Instruments: Piano Guitar Voice Violin Cello Bass Guitar Double Bass Music Classical Guitar Acoustic Guitar

When receiving a student I first like to get to know the student by friending them. Asking question as to what their likes are and just getting to know them. For the beginner we start of with a Method book that fits their age and personaity and go from there. For the student that already has had past music experience I like to hear them play at first and see at what level they are to be able to place them on the correct method. Read More

Marie H offers Voice lessons in   Riverside, CA

Marie H

Instruments: Piano Voice Synthesizer Keyboard

Depending on previous experience, voice lessons tend to begin with foundations of breathing and relaxing the muscles of the jaw and throat. From there, repertoire is developed based on the long term goals and needs of the student. I have taught piano from the Bastien, Keith Snell and Alfreds Music series, and feel most comfortable when the student is open to my advice about which series would be a good fit for then :-) i also firmly believe that working on material a prospective student loves listening to is paramount! Read More

Tori S offers Voice lessons in   Riverside, CA

Tori S

Instruments: Piano Voice

I believe that it is truly important for any of my students to enjoy and love the music that they're practicing and learning. Therefore, it is important that I develop a specific teaching plan for each student. I encourage setting goals for each student to track progress and celebrate every accomplishment, making students eager to learn more. I encourage live performance, through either school talent shows, auditions, etc, because it is important for any vocalist to practice performing in front of an audience. Read More

Adrian R offers Voice lessons in   Riverside, CA

Adrian R

Instruments: Voice

I love seeing my students begin to understand how their mind and body can work together to sing beautifully. It's a treat when a student can begin to execute the necessary actions for singing with a degree of confidence and reliability that they at one point believed was beyond them. My style is one that fosters a student's abilities and is encouraging in their efforts. I make a point to be very thorough and analytical when it comes to how physiological events and mental focus are key to building a framework for this expressive artform. Read More

Alpha S offers Voice lessons in   Riverside, CA

Alpha S

Instruments: Piano Voice

I teach students to learn exercises that will ecourage them to focus on correct posture, breathing techniques, andvocal development. Students must bring a notebook to keep track of their assignments for each lesson. Studentscan learn to perform in front ofothers, develop self confidence and have fun at the same time. Read More

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