types of ukuleles

Types of Ukuleles

There are many types of ukuleles available in the world today. They come in different sizes, pitch ranges, and distinct […]

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piano rock songs easy

Easy Piano Rock Songs: Six Rock Classics You Should Play On Piano

It has been said that the entire rock and pop genres are built on four chords (If you need some […]

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jazz band soloists

Soloing Over Blues Changes

As is the case with all of my articles, I feel obligated to start by saying that the following information […]

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album cover i will follow you into the dark

I Will Follow You Into The Dark Chords for Guitar

Death Cab For Cutie’s “I Will Follow You Into The Dark” was an unexpected hit off the band’s 2005 album […]

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types of saxophones on display

Types of Saxophones

Compared to the complete history of musical instruments, the saxophone is a relatively new instrument. It was first conceived around […]

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preparing for school teacher desk

The Truth About Elementary Music

I grew up the daughter of a music educator. My father is a well known band director in my home […]

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breath support vocal technique

The Benefits of Classical Voice Training

I’ve been told (like so many young children who seem to possess some vocal talent) that I learned to sing […]

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retired woman plays piano

Adult Piano Lessons: Taking Piano Lessons as an Adult

Taking adult piano lessons is really not much different from learning in childhood. But there are two outstanding exceptions that […]

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