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Death Cab For Cutie’s “I Will Follow You Into The Dark” was an unexpected hit off the band’s 2005 album Plans. Showcasing delicate finger-picked acoustic guitar and Ben Gibbard’s whispery vocal delivery, this song powerfully discusses what it means to love a person before and after death. Gibbard’s guitar work is more challenging than you’d think in this song, so we’ll show you how to play his version as well as a simplified version for beginners. Check out the accompanying video for more in-depth instructions. The I Will Follow You Into The Dark chords you’ll need to know are overall very simple and easy to learn. You’ll need a capo on the 5th fret to play this song the way Ben Gibbard does.




The song begins with a chord progression that we’ll also see played again during the chorus. This section can be played with a finger-picked pattern, or a simplified strumming pattern. The F major and minor chords used during these sections are bar chords. The chords being played here are:





i will follow you into the dark chords for intro and chorus




You’ll maintain the same strumming or picking pattern you used in the intro section throughout the entire song. The verse chord progression is very simple:



i will follow you into the dark chords verse

“I Will Follow You Into The Dark” only features simple verse and chorus sections, so you won’t have to learn a bridge or ending. This is an incredible song that’s great for beginners as well as experienced players. Check out the video below to learn all the I Will Follow You Into The Dark chords.


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