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Featured Violin Teachers Near Akron, OH

Here are just a few of the many teachers offering Violin lessons in Akron . Whether you are looking for beginner guitar lessons for your kids, or are an adult wanting to improve your skills, the instructors in our network are ready to help you now!

Danae A offers Violin lessons in   Akron, OH

Danae A

Instruments: Piano Violin Cello

I love watching my students grow and be inspired to play something they like! I do try to be sensitive to each student's learning pace. I always ask them if they have any questions and make sure I'm not going too fast for them, or too slow. I do my best to praise my students when I can tell they have worked hard and I try to keep them inspired and motivated to keep going and try to get something to the next level. Read More

Erin M offers Violin lessons in   Akron, OH

Erin M

Instruments: Violin Viola

My methods are extremely varied and depend on the students wants and needs. I am trained in the Suzuki method as well as Paul Roland's approach to music education and am comfortable implementing both into my teaching along with various others. I do not, however, generally stick to just one method as I have observed it generally does not give the student a rounded musical education. I was the first musician in my family and I therefore know how intimidating it can be for families like mine that have a limited knowledge of the music world and the opportunities therein. Read More

Brianne C offers Violin lessons in   Akron, OH

Brianne C

Instruments: Piano Violin Cello Viola Trumpet Trombone Saxophone Flute Clarinet Euphonium French Horn Tuba Mallet Percussion Orchestral Percussion Oboe Bassoon

I am a passionate and patient instructor who loves working with students and sharing my love of music. I graduated from Bowling Green State University in 2000 with a Bachelor of Music degree in Instrumental Music Education, with a focus on Euphonium. I have worked as a long term sub in middle school band and have taught privately since that time. I currently work outside the education field, but still enjoy sharing music with those who want to learn. Read More

Julianne B offers Violin lessons in   Akron, OH

Julianne B

Instruments: Piano Voice Violin Mallet Percussion Music

I took courses in conducting. My college education has enabled me to perform gigs in small venues including studio work for a local singer/songwriter's demo recording and providing background music for social or fundraising events. Additionally, I have participated in special vocal projects as a composer/reviewer and as a vocal coach to children ages eight through eighteen. I am happy with my choices to accept long term substitute teaching assignments for choir and band as well as engagements in the private sector because I believe I am a more informed instructor and can provide much knowledge for my students. Read More

Hannah H offers Violin lessons in   Akron, OH

Hannah H

Instruments: Violin Viola

Although I am not a certified Suzuki teacher, I do utilize the Suzuki books for beginning students. I find that they provide a good breadth of repertoire suitable for students who are new to their instruments. For more advanced students, I use standard repertoire for their instrument, making sure each piece teaches them to hone a skill while also preparing them for big auditions. I believe it is important to have a long and diverse repertoire list. Read More

Megan S offers Violin lessons in   Akron, OH

Megan S

Instruments: Violin

For example, if a child is beginning on the instrument for the first time and looking to play in the school music programs, I will start with a few different method books and focus on technique (while incorporating various puzzles and games of course!) On the other hand, there may be someone who has previously played and may just be looking to learn some of their favorite songs. I believe in a personal lesson experience to make sure the student is getting what they desire out of the lessons. Read More

Greg K offers Violin lessons in   Akron, OH

Greg K

Instruments: Violin Cello Viola Trombone Double Bass

Allowing me to teach students music and allow those students to grow in their art is a great feeling. I enjoy working one on one, but need students to pay attention in lessons and practice as needed to advance and move forward. I will always work with students on an individualized learning plan but when learning any new skill, it is important to "do your homework". Positive reinforcement is important as well as incentives to reward a student's progress. Read More

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