choosing your first drum set

Choosing Your First Drum Set

When choosing your first drum set, there are a few things to consider, and some points that can easily be […]

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Jazz saxophonist

Jazz Exercises for the Saxophone: An Introduction to Playing in 12 Keys

The Relevance of Playing in 12 Keys to Both Jazz and Non-Jazz Musicians   During the 1940s, the Bebop Era […]

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flutist's embouchure

Flute Embouchure: Developing Your Best Sound

If you’re learning to play the flute, you’ve probably heard people talk about embouchure and how important it is to […]

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choosing your first guitar

Tips for Choosing Your First Guitar

So, you decided to play guitar and you need help choosing your first guitar. There are many factors that go […]

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audio engineering mic

The Benefits of Learning About Audio Engineering

In the vast world of music there is limitless room for learning and improvement and there are many benefits of […]

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Joseph Haydn composer

The Haydn Trumpet Concerto

An Anniversary Celebration: The Haydn Trumpet Concerto The story of Haydn’s trumpet concerto and how it has been played since. […]

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music children graphic

Five Benefits of Music Education

Benefits of Music Education – What the Research Doesn’t Always Tell You In this day and age, education is broadly […]

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vintage mic music graphic

How to Write a Song

What is it about the seemingly simple task of writing a song that stumps even the most confident and skilled […]

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suzuki violin boy

Suzuki Violin: A Balanced Approach to Studying the Violin

Maybe you’ve heard something about the Suzuki Method for studying the violin. Or maybe you saw a group of kids […]

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three trumpets

Types of Trumpets: Keys, Size, History, and Performance Practice

When you think about it, telling someone that you “play the trumpet” is kind of like saying that you “play […]

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