music recitalsMusika is proud to announce our spring 2013 music recitals! We are offering over 20 music recitals across the country in our top metro areas, free of charge for all enrolled Musika students. The first recital is in Denver on May 11, and recitals continue through the middle of June.

We have students of all ages and abilities perform at our recitals. Some of the most impressive over the years have been the very youngest violin students – it takes a lot of courage to stand up and perform a violin solo along with a piano accompanist in front of a large crowd when you’re only 4 years old! We also get many adult students who can showcase their abilities – these recitals aren’t just for kids.

This year we will be expanding our efforts to get professional photo/video done at select locations, and will be following up by profiling select students achievements at this years events. It is still TBD which locations may be selected (probably those with the largest programs), but further details will be forthcoming in May.

It’s an exciting time, and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone perform coming up this May and June!

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