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Featured Voice Teachers Near Oceanside, CA

Betsy F offers voice lessons in Oceanside, CA

Betsy F


...I have over 14 years of teaching experience, with students as young as 3, to retirees starting a musical instrument to keep their mind sharp. ... Read More

Rebecca L offers voice lessons in Oceanside, CA

Rebecca L


...It is my duty to help my students understand the excitement that music can bring to their lives and to the lives of others around them while secretly helping my students understand the importance of being good human beings. ... Read More

Sheryl G offers voice lessons in Oceanside, CA

Sheryl G


...My greatest desire is encourage my students, and impart a love of music in them. It's important to me to teach students not to have an attitude of perfectionism, but to embrace each phase of their growth; to get out and learn by doing. ... Read More

Sharmay M offers voice lessons in Oceanside, CA

Sharmay M


...As a professional Opera Singer and voice teacher, I get to combine my knowledge of teaching with my experience as a performer. In 2002, I graduated from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music with a Master of Music degree in Vocal Performance and Pedagogy.... Read More

Kevin Y offers voice lessons in Oceanside, CA

Kevin Y


...As a father of a 2 year old whom loves his guitar, I can teach from the youngest of students, to the more advanced ones. I combine my singing lessons with guitar which makes for a more well rounded student.... Read More

Ishmael M offers voice lessons in Oceanside, CA

Ishmael M


...It's always a great feeling to see one of my students successfully performing a piece of music that they have been working hard on. Sometimes a student may feel they are not progressing as quickly as they want to, but I always encourage the students that as long as they are progressing at any kind of pace, they're getting better.... Read More

Joyce L offers voice lessons in Oceanside, CA

Joyce L


...I try to find out what physical things they've done: sports/aerobics/boxing.... What they've read; and what they like to listen to. I ask what singers they admire and why.... Read More

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