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Featured Guitar Teachers Near San Bernardino, CA

Here are just a few of the many teachers offering Guitar lessons in San Bernardino . Whether you are looking for beginner guitar lessons for your kids, or are an adult wanting to improve your skills, the instructors in our network are ready to help you now!

Jean D offers Guitar lessons in   San Bernardino, CA

Jean D

Instruments: Piano Guitar Voice

Through active involvement, you will build a foundation for a lifetime of participation and enjoyment in music, and at the same time have fun while learning. Music education will help develop your self confidence, and each week you will be amazed at your own abilities! I look forward to meeting you and getting you started on your way to a lifetime of music fulfillment. Read More

Kyle S offers Guitar lessons in   San Bernardino, CA

Kyle S

Instruments: Piano Guitar Trumpet Drums Bass Guitar Euphonium Keyboard Electric Guitar Acoustic Guitar

With any student who is in a beginning sort of stage with their musicality, I will start off by teaching them basic techniques, simple notes or chords(dependent on the type of instrument), and rudimentary knowledge of the notational system. Once they have started to make some progress, I take a unique approach by asking them of their own opinion for where they would want to see themselves go. I do this to not only make it as exciting as possible for the student, but to help them achieve a vision they already have for themselves. Read More

Mark Z offers Guitar lessons in   San Bernardino, CA

Mark Z

Instruments: Guitar Bass Guitar Harmonica Banjo Music Electric Guitar Classical Guitar Acoustic Guitar

I use Alfreds guitar method books for guitar and bass.  Piano I use the Bastian and others.  I teach from both my song books, and by thier cd or audio tracks.  I teach each student individually and move them forward to performance level. I teach how to read music and music ear training.  Theory training is also available at lessons as needed. Once I get the student past the basics on to intermediate level, I can listen to cd or audio recordings and reproduce the instrumental part on the spot. Read More

Don N offers Guitar lessons in   San Bernardino, CA

Don N

Instruments: Guitar Electric Guitar Acoustic Guitar

For beginning students who are children, be able to capture their excitement and build on top of that is very important. 90% of students gave up playing within the first year is because they felt...bored. My method get students quickly be able to play along with songs that they like or hear often in their daily life (ex. radio) then we break down the fundamentals behind the songs and gear the song toward a more classical approach to help students gain a comprehensive understanding, solid foundation and techniques. Read More

Sean B offers Guitar lessons in   San Bernardino, CA

Sean B

Instruments: Guitar Bass Guitar Ukulele Electric Guitar Acoustic Guitar

Rewind to the year 1996. I was in a local music store looking at the bulletin board looking for a band/bandmates. One index card caught my attention in particular: "Looking for someone to teach my 15 year old son guitar, can pay $20.00 an hour." I took the card and raced home and called her. Turns out she lived next door! Turns out he could play a little bit, so during my stint w/ him we took songs apart, put them back together then played them. Read More

Golnar R offers Guitar lessons in   San Bernardino, CA

Golnar R

Instruments: Guitar

- Taught and collaborated as a music teacher in several prestigious music institutions. - 10+ years of experience in teaching classical guitar and theory of music to children and adults. - Preparing students for music exams. - Arrangement of music pieces. - Preparing students for performances. - Manage music ensembles for children and adults. - Performances as a solo classical guitarist, as well as participating in duets, quartet and ensemble. - Experience in recording studio. - Fluent with Musescore, Audacity, Sound Forge. Read More

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