piano sight reading

Ways to Improve Piano Sight Reading

I have listed some guidelines below that I use to maintain and improve the piano sight reading skills of my […]

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saxophonists 12 keys

Jazz Exercises for the Saxophone: Thinking in 12 Keys

A Couple of Hypothetical Situations   You’re at a family gathering, maybe a family reunion or a grandparent’s 80th birthday […]

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colorful microphone music notes

How Music Theory Can Improve Your Songwriting

For some musicians, music theory is one of those phrases that inspires anxiety, dread, and even panic, and it’s no […]

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guitars aesthetic

Open-String Guitar Chords: Introducing the CAGED Chords

Open-String Guitar Chords That Every Player Must Know Introducing the CAGED Chords The nature of learning guitar is slower than […]

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solfege building blocks

The Kodály Approach – More than Hand Signs

When thinking back on early music experiences, we often reminisce about the elementary school days. Those memories could be filled […]

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Jazz saxophonist

Jazz Exercises for the Saxophone: An Introduction to Playing in 12 Keys

The Relevance of Playing in 12 Keys to Both Jazz and Non-Jazz Musicians   During the 1940s, the Bebop Era […]

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Sheet music Musika Lessons

Reading Music and Reading Words Are Very Similar

Learning how to read music – specifically, sight reading music – is one of the most difficult things that a […]

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music notes

Why Music Theory Still Matters for Musicians

Music theory is oftentimes the bane of beginning musician’s existence. It’s complex, some of the vocabulary is, frankly, antiquated and […]

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playing keyboard

Can You Learn Perfect Pitch?

Perfect pitch refers to an ability that some people have that allows them to identify musical notes almost flawlessly with […]

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guitar frets

Intro to Music Theory with Emphasis on Guitar: Modes and Scales

Introduction In this post we will learn what comprises scales, how scales relate to modes, and how to utilize modes […]

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