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Featured Violin Teachers Near Cypress, TX

Here are just a few of the many teachers offering Violin lessons in Cypress . Whether you are looking for beginner guitar lessons for your kids, or are an adult wanting to improve your skills, the instructors in our network are ready to help you now!

Alexandra W offers Violin lessons in   Cypress, TX

Alexandra W

Instruments: Voice Violin Viola Fiddle

I usually begin with the Suzuki method for both children and adults, and once the student has a good command of fundamental violin technique, we progress in the style of the student's primary interest. I am very open to teaching a variety of styles, and can put together a detailed lesson plan for any direction the student may choose. In the event that the student is primarily focused on areas other than the classical repertoire, I definitely begin with Mark O'Connor's violin method that is specifically designed for students interested in traditional folk and fiddle music. Read More

Andrew K offers Violin lessons in   Cypress, TX

Andrew K

Instruments: Piano Violin Viola Drums

Drumset: Realistic Rock (Appice), Advanced Funk Studies (Latham), Contemporary Drumset Technique (Latham), Drumset Independence and Syncopation (Black), Syncopation (Reed), Encyclopedia of Double Bass Drumming (Rondinelli). Percussion:Fundamental Studies for Snare Drum (Whaley), Intermediate Snare Studies and Advanced Snare Studies (Peters), Stick Control (Stone), Instruction Course for Xylophone (Green), Exercises, Etudes and Solos for Timpani (Carroll). Piano: Alfred Little Mozart Series, Alfred All in One Series, Keyboard Strategies for the Later Beginner (Stecher), Hannon. Read More

Emily M offers Violin lessons in   Cypress, TX

Emily M

Instruments: Violin Saxophone Flute Clarinet

I stated playing the Flute and Violin when I was 9 years old and have been involved in music ever since. I went on to participate in any music class I could take during high school including Concert band, Jazz band, Marching band, Drum-line, and Orchestra. I decided to use pursue a degree in music education to help future students develop their talent for music. I have taught private lessons for over 12 years and use my experience as a elementary and middle school music teacher (10 years) to teach band and orchestra instruments. Read More

Melissa E offers Violin lessons in   Cypress, TX

Melissa E

Instruments: Violin Viola

Moreover, now I have progressed into teaching high school students who plays viola in more advanced level such as trying to audition for texas all state orchestra, state solo and ensemble, assigned etudes, book exercises, and scales. I encourage students to be open with me if they have any problems in playing their violin/viola, feeling overwhelmed with music, and/or feeling uncomfortable/shy when playing their instrument. It is very important to address these situations in order to make sure the student feels comfortable playing the violin/viola, knows how to overcome their obstacles, and most of all, feeling confident and passionate. Read More

Rachel B offers Violin lessons in   Cypress, TX

Rachel B

Instruments: Violin Cello Viola Electric Violin Double Bass Music

For beginning students, I always start with Hal Leonard's Essential Elements. I've found this book to be the best at introducing the instrument and reading the music. I may or may not continue teaching out of the books (there's 3), but that depends on the student. By book 2 or 3 I usually begin introducing Suzuki, as there are many solo pieces for them. Suzuki is also great for teaching technique, which is essential to their skill-set. Read More

Melisa B offers Violin lessons in   Cypress, TX

Melisa B

Instruments: Violin Trumpet Trombone Saxophone Flute Clarinet Recorder Euphonium French Horn Piccolo Oboe Bassoon Music

Hello! My name is Melisa B. and I am from NY and currently reside in Texas. I received 2 bachelors degrees in music education and flute performance in May of 2017 from suny fredonia and my masters degree last September 2020 from SUNY Potsdam. I have 18 years of experience as a flutist/musician. I enjoy teaching so much and have 5 years of experience doing that. I love my students and sharing my love of music with them. Read More

Raymiah J offers Violin lessons in   Cypress, TX

Raymiah J

Instruments: Piano Guitar Violin Cello Viola Bass Guitar Synthesizer Double Bass Music Keyboard

As a strong believer of the KIPP mission and vision, I work hard to instill the truths spoken to me behind the process of getting to and through college, constantly reminded by the words of Marianne Williamson that “our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate, but that we are powerful beyond measure.” There are 2 things that I believe in regards to education: 1) All students can/will learn. 2) It is not whether or not you are smart, but rather HOW you are smart, citing Gardner's Theory of Intelligence. Read More

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