Being a serious drummer involves a serious investment. Beyond the actual drum kit, there are quite a few accessories, percussion instruments, and pieces of hardware that no drummer should do without. Below are the drum accessories every drummer should have:



Malletsit doesn’t matter if the tip is coated with felt or yarn, both work just fine, but a good pair of mallets can help add a touch of finesse to one’s playing.

Brushes – there are several different varieties of brushes, made from plastic or wire. Both produce slightly different results, but they are both substantially quieter and more delicate than playing with sticks. Brushes are a must for jazz drummers.


Cases – for drummers who are constantly going from place to place, it is an absolute necessity to have cases for both the drums and the cymbals. This will prevent them from getting damaged in transit.

Cymbal felt – it may seem unnecessary, but a couple of layers of good felt can make the difference between cymbals sounding good versus sounding terrific. The felt allows the cymbals to resonate.


Drum key – tuning the drums is essential, especially as the seasons change and the drum-heads expand or contract.

Tambourine, maracas, claves, bongos, and a cowbell – all of these percussion instruments serve different purposes and suit different musical styles.

Carpet – laying down a good carpet will keep the bass drum and other hardware from damaging hardwood or tile floors.

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