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Featured Guitar Teachers Near Virginia Beach, VA

Here are just a few of the many teachers offering Guitar lessons in Virginia Beach . Whether you are looking for beginner guitar lessons for your kids, or are an adult wanting to improve your skills, the instructors in our network are ready to help you now!

Kasey P offers Guitar lessons in   Virginia Beach, VA

Kasey P

Instruments: Guitar

For beginning students I usually encourage a method book such as Mel Bay's Modern Guitar Method or a Fingerstyle method book. At the same time I introduce basic chords and try to introduce songs as early as possible to show the practicality of all that is being learned. For intermediate students I ask what would like to be learned and what techniques they would like to see themselves doing in the near future. Read More

Kris V offers Guitar lessons in   Virginia Beach, VA

Kris V

Instruments: Piano Guitar Drums Bass Guitar Synthesizer Music Keyboard Electric Guitar Acoustic Guitar

As the kid who always had a knack for useless facts, and an insatiable sponge for a brain needing to know how and why the world works- I have always been someone to share a little know how, and I know how to instill these things in an exciting way- whether it be a subject I've spent years filling my head with almost useless facts about things like the weird world of quantum physics, or my silly excitement in important, yet otherwise useless facts that might make ya think. Read More

Phillip R offers Guitar lessons in   Virginia Beach, VA

Phillip R

Instruments: Guitar

My main goal right off the bat for my students is to get them playing from the very first lesson, starting with basic chords, and even have them practice a simple riff or lick from a song that they might recognize. In my philosophy, because this is how I was taught, it is important to keep the student interested, having fun, while still learning the things that they may consider "boring." I do this by implementing songs that they may know, or songs that they want to learn, and use that to teach what chords the song is using, what scales it might be using, and from that, have them practice the song and chord or scale accordingly. Read More

Robert O offers Guitar lessons in   Virginia Beach, VA

Robert O

Instruments: Guitar Bass Guitar Harmonica Ukulele Electric Guitar Acoustic Guitar

Teaching is a very fulfilling experience as it constantly requires you to examine your own playing and methods so that you can share your knowledge with people. I first discovered how rewarding it was when I started giving lessons after about 5 years of playing guitar. It made me a better guitar player and musician, and also helped me connect with people I never would have in a unique and exciting way. Read More

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