If you’re looking for a good time to start taking music lessons, there’s no better time than during the hot summer months. Now, before you say something like, “You’re crazy! Why would I want to stay indoors this summer to take music lessons?,” just hear me out. Here’s five really good reasons why you should take summer music lessons.



Reason #1: It’s gonna be brutally hot out there, folks


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Yes, summer is a time that we all collectively think of as being ideal for outdoor activities, but most places in the United States experience days that are simply too hot to do anything outside between mid-June and late August. Hanging out indoors in close proximity to central air, an A/C window unit or even a rotating fan during scorchingly hot summer weather is an ideal time to focus on learning a new instrument or for sharpening your skills on an instrument you’ve been playing for a while.


When it’s too hot to be outside, focusing on music is a great way to be productive with your time. How many summer days have you spent firmly embedded into your couch watching awful daytime television? This summer, try something different by focusing your mid-day energy on learning how to play music with a helpful teacher.



Reason #2: The right teacher will come to you so you won’t have to leave the comfort of your air-conditioned house


There’s plenty of experienced and helpful music teachers out there who would be happy to teach you in the comfort of your own home. This means that awesome music instruction doesn’t have to interrupt your much-deserved lazy summer days.


Music teachers are always looking for new students, so there’s most likely plenty of options in your area for musically inclined folks who don’t mind braving the heat to deliver awesome summer music lessons right to your living room. You might want to practice extra hard and tip your instructor a little extra when the weather is really hot outside.


Reason #3: Summer is the perfect time to get inspired to learn an instrument


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If music has its own definitive season, it would definitely be the summer. Summer is a time for raucous music festivals, songs sung by the campfire in the company of friends and family, and the season when the world around us is the most awake and alive. Things seem to just happen in the summer. There’s no better time than the summer for taking on a new challenge, doing something new and making moves to better yourself with something like music.


Yes, a lot of people take up new hobbies and challenges for themselves during the first month of the new calendar year, but the dreariness of January isn’t nearly as suitable for doing something fun and new as the summer months are in my opinion.



Reason #4: The days are long and the free time is abundant



In late June, there’s a national average of about 15 hours of daylight per day. Compare that to early January’s meager average of nine hours of daylight per day and you’ll get another really good reason why you should take summer music lessons. Daylight is proven to increase our productivity and capacity for learning, so the extra hours of daylight during the summer will do a lot in the way of helping you to focus, learn, and thrive in your music lessons.


But even aside from the extra hours of daylight, the summer just seems to be the one time of the year when things slow down and time gets freed up. The fall and winter months, especially any time before January, are an incredibly difficult time for taking on anything new, but long summer days are ideal for learning a new skill and tackling a challenge. And the skills you develop during the summer months will carry on long after the season changes to fall. Whether you’re learning guitar, piano, or how to sing, the only way you’ll develop prowess on your instrument is when you take the time to sit down and focus on learning the basics, and there’s simply no better time than the summer to do that.



Reason #5: Less demand in the summer months means better deals on music lessons


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I think I’ve done a pretty good job of outlining why people should take summer music lessons, but the majority of people tend to get enrolled in music lessons after the holidays after receiving instruments as gifts over the holidays. Add in the fact that lots of folks go on long vacations over the summer and you get a situation where the best time of year for learning an instrument becomes the one with the lowest demand for local music teachers.


This means that taking music lessons during the summer will be cheaper than other times during the year and that your options for teachers in your area will be significantly more numerous. Music teachers in your area want nothing more than to teach reliable students that are interested in learning something new, so if that sounds like you, you’ll be in high demand this summer.



Finding the right teacher


Summer music lessons are the way to go for lots of reasons, but you’ll need to find the right teacher first. While looking for a music teacher, it’s important to look for a thoughtful person with proven experience to work with. Want to learn how to play Death Cab For Cutie songs on the guitar? That might not go so well if you sign up to take lessons from a guitar teacher who specializes in heavy metal music. The internet should be your biggest resource, so take some time to research anyone you’re interested in working with. Book a trial lesson to vet possible teachers before committing to paying for more lessons.



Every season is the right time for practicing


At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what season you decide to take up music lessons as long as you’re taking the time and energy to develop basic skills on your instrument. Summer music lessons are ideal because of the long days and extra free time, but summer only lasts for a few short months. I recommend getting into a routine of practicing at least three times a week if you’re trying to learn a new instrument. Music lessons will only be effective if you take the time to develop your skills throughout the week.

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