how to write a pop song

How To Write a Pop Song

Despite what you’ve heard, Pop music isn’t just songs from boy bands and teen idols. Pop music, or popular music, […]

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jazz band with bassist

Intro to Jazz Bass Technique

There’s a famous story about the great jazz trumpeter Clifford Brown waking up and, while still in bed, going over […]

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piano sight reading

Ways to Improve Piano Sight Reading

I have listed some guidelines below that I use to maintain and improve the piano sight reading skills of my […]

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cover of stick control

Why Drummers Use Stick Control

One of the most enduring and venerated method books for drummers is Stick Control for the Snare Drummer by George […]

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becoming a music teacher

Becoming a Music Teacher: A How To Guide

The first time I entertained the idea of becoming a music teacher, I was in 5th grade. We were asked […]

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hey joe rhythm

Hey Joe Chords: Putting CAGED Into Practice

Practicing the CAGED Chords In my last article, we learned about the CAGED chords. Learning the chords is the first […]

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saxophonists 12 keys

Jazz Exercises for the Saxophone: Thinking in 12 Keys

A Couple of Hypothetical Situations   You’re at a family gathering, maybe a family reunion or a grandparent’s 80th birthday […]

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colorful microphone music notes

How Music Theory Can Improve Your Songwriting

For some musicians, music theory is one of those phrases that inspires anxiety, dread, and even panic, and it’s no […]

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suzuki practice routine

Suzuki Practice: A Daily Event

In Suzuki, students often begin lessons at a young age – say 3 or 5. So the immediate caregiver (usually one […]

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guitars aesthetic

Open-String Guitar Chords: Introducing the CAGED Chords

Open-String Guitar Chords That Every Player Must Know Introducing the CAGED Chords The nature of learning guitar is slower than […]

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