Outside of visiting your local neighborhood music store, there are many resources for obtaining and purchasing music online. By shopping around online you can often get the best deal for music, and many sites also have free shipping when you buy in bulk!

In addition to having music books shipped to your home, there are also sites where you can download music directly from the web (for a fee) and print it out right from your home printer. Depending on which music your instructor has recommended you purchase for your lessons, the internet is a great resource for finding it, and often more convenient than visiting a music store.

sheetmusicplus.com Selection of sheet music for all instruments, ranging from classical to pop
amazon.com New and used music books, CD’s and MP3 downloads of songs, read reviews
musicnotes.com Download and print sheet music on your own printer
jwpepper.com Vast selection of music books to purchase and ship to your home
classicalvocalrep.com Classical music for Vocalists
imslp.org Collection of public domain works that you can print for free
blanksheetmusic.net Free printable staff paper for theory work and melodic notation

List of Highly Recommended Music Method Books

Piano/Keyboard Music for Children

See our own teacher reviews of different piano methods for children!

  • The Basic Book of Scales, Chords, Arpeggios and Cadences
  • Alfred’s Basic Piano library for all levels
  • Alfred’s Basic piano prep course
  • Bastien Piano Basics
  • Bastien Theory Books
  • Faber and Faber Series
  • Scales, chords, and Arpeggios (Bastien)
  • The Hal Leonard Student Piano Library
  • Michael Aaron Children’s piano course
  • A Dozen a Day Piano Techniques by Edna Mae Burnam
  • Carl Czerny School of Velocity (Books 1-4)
  • The Fletcher Theory Papers
  • Explorations in Music (Theory Series)
  • Fundamentals of Music Theory by Keith Snell
  • Clementi Piano Sonatinas
  • Beethoven Sonatas
  • 50 Selected Songs by Schubert
  • Joplin: Complete Rags for Piano
  • Scarlatti: 60 sonatas

Piano/Keyboard Music for Adults

  • Faber Piano Adventures for Adults (books 1 and 2)
  • The Virtuoso Pianist, Hanon Finger Exercises
  • Faber Music, Adult Piano Adventures
  • Alfred’s basic Adult Piano Course
  • Alfred’s Basic Adult Theory Books
  • Alfred’s Adult Piano All-in-One course
  • Michael Aaron Adult Piano Course
  • Isidor Phillip Piano Exercises for Independence of Fingers
  • Sonatina Album (Schirmer)
  • First Lessons in Bach, Complete: For the Piano
  • Goldberg Variations (Piano Solo)
  • Chopin Etudes for Piano

Piano Sight Reading

  • Practical Piano Sight Reading for piano students by Boris and Champagne
  • Improve your Sight Reading! By Paul Harris
  • Piano Sight Reading by Paul Kember
  • Progressive Sight Reading Exercises by H Smith
  • Faber Piano Adventures Sight Reading Books
  • Sight Reading by Bastien

Vocal Sight Singing

  • Melodia: A Course in Sight singing- Solfeggio books 1-4 by Carl Fischer
  • The Sight Singer, a practical sight singing course (Snyder)
  • The Jenson Sight Singing Course
  • Successful Sight Singing Book 1 (Nancy Telfer)
  • Solfeges des Solfeges (Dannhauser)
  • Concone School of Sight Singing

Vocal Technique

  • Vaccai Practical Vocal Method (for different voice types)
  • Vaccai Practical Method of Italian Singing
  • Lutgen Vocal Exercises
  • Bel Canto: A theoretical and practical vocal method (Marchesi)
  • Singing: The Mechanism and the Technique (Vennard)
  • Vocal Warm-Ups (Klaus Heizmann)
  • Vocal Workouts for the Contemporary Singer (Peckham)
  • The Art of Singing: Discovering and Developing your True Voice (Hamady)

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