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Vocal Exercises for Singers: Breathing and Beginner Exercises

Even the most novice of singers are familiar with a certain number of warm-ups and vocal exercises for singers, whether […]

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Tips for Singers: Easy Steps for a Better Voice

Do you consider yourself an active singer? Are you currently taking voice lessons or looking into increasing your knowledge on […]

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The Benefits of Classical Voice Training

I’ve been told (like so many young children who seem to possess some vocal talent) that I learned to sing […]

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belt mix lesson

Belt Mix Untangled: A 5-Step Guide

Have you ever tried to learn a new song and found yourself straining to reach certain pitches, resorting to “shout-singing” […]

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Can You Learn Perfect Pitch?

Perfect pitch refers to an ability that some people have that allows them to identify musical notes almost flawlessly with […]

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4 Great Exercises for Singing with a Smooth, Even Tone

Whether you’re taking voice lessons in San Diego, voice lessons in New York, or anywhere in between, all singers want […]

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The Best Age to Start Singing Lessons

When parents are considering music lessons for their child, many times they will gravitate to voice lessons because their child […]

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The Art of Voice Classification

Voice classification is both the science and art of determining what voice type an individual singer is.  Every singers voice […]

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V-I-B-R-A-T-O – Learning How to Sing With Vibrato

What is vibrato, and why do the judges on American Idol keep bringing it up? Vibrato is the act of […]

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