blues jazz saxophone

Jazz Scales: The Blues Scale

The Blues Scale Every now and then, I’ll meet a fellow musician, or read an interview with a popular jazz […]

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altered scale

Jazz Scales: The Altered Scale

The Altered Scale   When we listen to, study, or discuss music from a compositional or improvisational standpoint, we frequently […]

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jazz scales whole tone

Jazz Scales: The Whole Tone Scale

If you happen to be a fan of classical music from the Impressionist Period on, then you’ve definitely heard the […]

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jazz scales

Jazz Scales: The Diminished Scale

The Diminished Scale  Mathematically, there must be a finite number of scales, but scales seem pretty infinite to me. There […]

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listening to jazz music

Listening to Jazz: A Beginner’s Guide

Listening to Jazz Music   I have to begin this post with a disclaimer: this article may “ruin” listening to […]

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picture of saxophone in watercolor

Jazz Exercises for the Saxophone: Advanced Studies in 12 Keys

Introduction to the Final Part of the Series    This blog post is the fourth and final part of a […]

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jazz band with bassist

Intro to Jazz Bass Technique

There’s a famous story about the great jazz trumpeter Clifford Brown waking up and, while still in bed, going over […]

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saxophonists 12 keys

Jazz Exercises for the Saxophone: Thinking in 12 Keys

A Couple of Hypothetical Situations   You’re at a family gathering, maybe a family reunion or a grandparent’s 80th birthday […]

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creative saxophone drawing

Jazz Exercises for Saxophone: Intermediate Studies in 12 Keys

Another Real Life Example of Playing in 12 Keys   In my last blog, I referenced a couple of instances […]

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Bb Bass Trumpet

The Bass Trumpet- A Brief Overview

The Bass Trumpet Where it came from and where it is now The composer who wrote a 16-hour opera cycle […]

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