how to write a pop song

How To Write a Pop Song

Despite what you’ve heard, Pop music isn’t just songs from boy bands and teen idols. Pop music, or popular music, […]

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cover of stick control

Why Drummers Use Stick Control

One of the most enduring and venerated method books for drummers is Stick Control for the Snare Drummer by George […]

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becoming a music teacher

Becoming a Music Teacher: A How To Guide

The first time I entertained the idea of becoming a music teacher, I was in 5th grade. We were asked […]

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hey joe rhythm

Hey Joe Chords: Putting CAGED Into Practice

Practicing the CAGED Chords In my last article, we learned about the CAGED chords. Learning the chords is the first […]

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acoustic guitar

Learn the 3-Octave G Major Scale On Guitar

If you’re new to the guitar, the idea of learning how to play scales might seem like a waste of […]

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setting up a drum set

Setting Up a Drum Set

So you’ve just bought your first drum set, and right now you just might be staring at the pile of […]

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