suzuki institute group lesson

Suzuki Institute 101: A Beginners Guide to Summer Institutes

When summer rolls around, something many music families and teachers look forward to is the annual Suzuki institute. Now, this […]

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infant music lesson

A Case for Early Childhood Music Education

When I was young, there weren’t a lot of organized activities or private lessons available for children in the three […]

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choosing your first drum set

Choosing Your First Drum Set

When choosing your first drum set, there are a few things to consider, and some points that can easily be […]

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suzuki violin boy

Suzuki Violin: A Balanced Approach to Studying the Violin

Maybe you’ve heard something about the Suzuki Method for studying the violin. Or maybe you saw a group of kids […]

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When Should You Upgrade Your Instrument?

If your music studies concentrate on playing a specific instrument, the cost of that instrument is going to be one […]

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What to Look For When Selecting a Violin

With all of the choices available on the market selecting a violin can be stressful, and might even seem downright […]

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digital piano

Online Piano Lessons: Are They Right For You?

With all the advancements of technology and popularity of the Internet, pretty much anything can be learned online these days, […]

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5 Benefits of Piano Lessons for Your Kids

While there are tons of benefits to kids taking piano lessons, we’ve compiled some of our favorites for this awesome […]

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The Best Age to Start Piano Lessons

I started piano lessons when I was 3 years old, when I was still talking gibberish. In retrospect, I think […]

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The Best Age to Start Drum Lessons

What is the best age to start drum lessons for my child? There really isn’t a magic number where we […]

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