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Our music lesson students will have the opportunity to take lessons from the comfort of their own home or in one of the teachers studios. Careful attention is placed on each student to ensure a custom lesson plan. Our music teachers understand that every student has different needs and abilities and therefore the lessons will be planned with that knowledge in mind.

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Featured Piano Teachers In Monroe County

Here are just a few of the many teachers offering piano lessons in Monroe. Whether you are looking for beginner piano lessons for your kids, or are an adult wanting to improve your skills, the instructors in our network are ready to help you now!
Robert G

Robert G

Instruments: Piano, Drums, Mallet Percussion, Orchestral Percussion, Conga, Latin Percussion

Teaching Methods: For beginning students I introduce the fundamentals and technique that is required to play the instrument, and how to read and write music. Once the student begins to understand the basic elements and the theory behind them, I will then introduce solo repertoire appropriate for a beginning student’s recital. Much of the music played in lessons will come directly from the student’s interest and practice schedule. I will also be performing regularly in lessons with students to develop their willingness and ability to collaborate with others, a skill that is often lacking in one-on-one teaching environments.

Teaching Styles: I have studied, taught classes, and performed a diverse array of musical styles and although the student’s interests are always a priority, I involve other styles and types of music the student has yet to encounter to inspire the student and broaden their musical ear. In addition, I incorporate as much music theory into the curriculum as the student’s development allows. It is my belief that if the student is equipped with the tools required to analyze and understand how their favorite music is constructed, they can perform and interpret the music on a much higher level.

Gary H

Gary H

Instruments: Piano, Trumpet, Trombone, Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet, Drums, Organ, Synthesizer, Recorder, Mallet Percussion

Teaching Methods: I have been using the Alfred Method Books for my beginning piano students, as they provide a well-rounded program incorporating theory, technique and performance. pieces.  Intermediate students should, in my opinion, begin to choose the music they want to work on.  I like my students to learn how to read music as well as play by ear, how to practice and how to incorporate theory into performance. Most of all, I want all my students to deeply feel the joy of music making, and discover the vast universe of music that we all can share and enjoy.

Teaching Styles: I put a lot of energy into my teaching!  Providing positive feedback and encouragement is most important.  Also, giving students practical ways to improve their playing and meet their perfomance goals is crucial.  One of the great benefits for a young person learning a musical instrument in the experience of challening and overcoming their percieved limitations.  I feel it is my job to guide my students on this adventure.

Matthew K

Matthew K

Instruments: Piano, Bass Guitar, Double Bass

Teaching Methods: For begining musicians I teach alot of tunes by ear. I generally have kids improvising before I teach them to read, similiarly to learning a language. Once they are able to grasp these concepts I will start bringing in method books and etudes. For my upright students I use simandl book 1 and 2, and for electric I have my own exercises to give students. My end goal is to give my students the basic funadmentals to succeed in most styles of music.

Teaching Styles: I really enjoy inspiring people to play music. Every student is different and I enjoy finding what works for each student. I enjoy seeing my students grow, and I also end up learning alot from them at the same time!

Stella B

Stella B

Instruments: Piano, Violin, Viola

Teaching Methods: Suzuki. Russian, Europian Methods.

Teaching Styles: Nothing is more rewarding than seeing one of my students develop a passion for music! Therefore, it's important that each student progresses at his or her own pace. I encourage this by setting realistic goals for my students at each lesson.

Mary A

Mary A

Instruments: Piano, Guitar, Voice

Teaching Methods: I believe that creativity is important and I use Alfred and Hal Leonard books as well as theory books to help with the lessons. For adults, I try to find out what the student is interested in, and guide my instruction accordingly to keep the lessons engaging and fun, no matter their ability level.

Teaching Styles: I feel very rewarded seeing my students develop a passion for music!  I try to teach each student at his or her own pase.  I encourage this by setting realistic goals for my students at each lesson.  Acknowledging accomplishments helps fuel a students desire to progress, and makes students eager to learn more.  By trying to find out what inspires the student, I can successfully tailor my instruction to their wants and needs.

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