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Open-String Guitar Chords: Introducing the CAGED Chords

Open-String Guitar Chords That Every Player Must Know Introducing the CAGED Chords The nature of learning guitar is slower than […]

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Learn the 3-Octave G Major Scale On Guitar

If you’re new to the guitar, the idea of learning how to play scales might seem like a waste of […]

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Open-String Guitar Chords

Every guitarist, no matter what level or playing style, needs to develop a vocabulary of chords. After all, every song […]

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Intro to Music Theory with Emphasis on Guitar: Modes and Scales

Introduction In this post we will learn what comprises scales, how scales relate to modes, and how to utilize modes […]

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Ol’ Joe Clark- Intermediate Arrangement

Ol’ Joe Clark On Guitar Intermediate Arrangement Howdy Bluegrass and guitar lovers. This months lesson series will be all about […]

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Roll in My Sweet Baby’s Arms, Guitar Lesson 2/3

Intermediate Rhythm This is an intermediate rhythm guitar lesson for the song “Roll in my Sweet Baby’s Arms.” This will […]

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