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Featured Music Teachers Near Hudson, OH

Here are just a few of the many teachers offering Music lessons in Hudson . Whether you are looking for beginner guitar lessons for your kids, or are an adult wanting to improve your skills, the instructors in our network are ready to help you now!

Jeff P offers Music lessons in   Hudson, OH

Jeff P

Instruments: Guitar Electric Guitar Classical Guitar Acoustic Guitar

  I've been teaching guitar since before entering the Cleveland Institute of Music. Since graduating I've taught for 5 years at the prestigious music studio "El Estudio Bartok" in Mexico City and in my home town of Cleveland Ohio at Tri C West and various private studios. Now I've dedicated my work to Lessons In The Students Home and at my private residence in Ohio City (Cleveland). I've been performing regularly around Cleveland and touring outside of the city since graduating from the Cleveland Institute of Music. Read More

Maya B offers Music lessons in   Hudson, OH

Maya B

Instruments: Piano

My lessons include a time to practice piano technique as well as time to learn new pieces. I usually recommend R. and N. Faber books for beginners. I also encourage performances and for those, I let students choose works (classical, romantic, contemporary, jazz, or pop) based on skill level and personal interest. Having a goal for a performance can really help to motivate learning and practicing at home.I also incorporate duets when appropriate. Read More

Egan A offers Music lessons in   Hudson, OH

Egan A

Instruments: Piano Guitar Bass Guitar

My teaching experience dates back to my college days when I began tutoring other students in 2001. After graduating in 2003 I transitioned to private lessons and have been teaching ever since. Regular practice on a consistent basis is one of the main points I emphasize to my students. It helps them progress and gain a passion for their instrument. A combination of classical and modern music can go a long way in helping students enjoy their instrument and motivate them to continue learning. Read More

Stanislav G offers Music lessons in   Hudson, OH

Stanislav G

Instruments: Clarinet

Students will be presented with all the necessary skills in order to properly perform on the clarinet: breathing, posture, hand and finger position, embouchure, tone production, articulation, technique, rhythmical precision, transposition, and sight-reading. A wide selection of clarinet literature will be presented: classical, romantic and contemporary eras (baroque transcriptions as needed). Orchestral excerpts may be taught throughout the course of study (depending on students desire). The sequence of materials will be adapted to the specific needs and musical/clarinet background of the individual student. Read More

Mike W offers Music lessons in   Hudson, OH

Mike W

Instruments: Drums Latin Percussion

I'm very laid-back but focused. I expect students to work at this and put forth the effort. I also understand that life happens and a student may have missed some practice time. I'm okay with that. My teacher did that for me so I'll do the same for my students. I don't believe in over-criticizing a student. I like to positively reinforce accomplishments and good habits and take the time to explain and fix issues that need improvement. Read More

Hayden B offers Music lessons in   Hudson, OH

Hayden B

Instruments: Guitar Bass Guitar Bassoon Music Electric Guitar Acoustic Guitar

My music experience began in 5th grade when I started playing the Bassoon for the school orchestra. I then picked up Bass guitar and performed alongside the Pep band and the Jazz band and continued my practice with both all the way through college. After college I began making my own music and currently have 5 albums out between the numerous projects Ive involved myself with. I began teaching during college and continue to do so almost everyday, always finding ways to further my education and career. Read More

Celeste S offers Music lessons in   Hudson, OH

Celeste S

Instruments: Piano Voice Flute

My teaching experience dates back to my high school days and has continued through the past twelve years. I love seeking to discover the unique learning pathway for every individual student and tailoring lessons specificially to grow and enhance foundations that other teachers have already built. I have a number of students who compose their own original material and encourage others in that capacity as well.  Read More

Teacher In Spotlight


Patrick H

Instruments: Clarinet

When will I start to see results?
Results are gradual, meaning they do not happen overnight. Progress and improvement occurs through a consistent practice schedule, qualitative practicing and a deep desire to learn. If a student is struggling through a passage of music or something fundamentally based, that means he or she is learning to break a bad habit or learning the piece of music. It is important to set up a positive and encouraging environment where success can happen. If need be, one should track a student's progress and in turn be able to see the results of hard work.

What musical accomplishments are you most proud of?
I am most proud of getting a superior rating in my high school's solo and ensemble competition, performing Stravinsky's three pieces when I was a senior (the adjudicator gave me a 1+). Later I performed my recital for my bachelor's degree and my graduate recital for my master's degree. From there, I am most proud of playing with the Lakeside Symphony orchestra and the Blossom Festival Band. Performing in the professional setting is what I honestly like most of all. It inspires me to continue learning my craft as a musician.

What do you think is the hardest thing to master on your instrument?
The hardest concept to learn on the Clarinet is how to use your air effectively. What I mean by that is, how does one produce tone? It is a combination of his/her air, fingers on the tone holes, and mouth on the mouthpiece. but the tone holes do not make the sound nor does putting one's mouth against the mouth piece. This is a fundamental concept but students generally think placing one's fingers on the clarinet will make a sound. Using one's air to shape a phrase can ultimately make the music come alive. Playing something stagnant is not creative.

What does a normal practice session look like for you?
It depends on what I am practicing. If I am looking over a new piece for a recital. I will first read through the piece, then create a road map of what to practice first. Practicing slowly is what a lot of people say. I believe that, but it is how you are practicing slowly that is important. One should have a process of how to practice slowly. I take a passage of music, and break it down to the bare fundamentals (range, notes, accidentals, etc.). I try to find where my fingers might slip up and practice that part slowly. It is important to have a process to one's practicing so that one does not practice too fast or create bad habits.

If you have a Music Degree, what is it in (Performance, Education, Musicology, Theory, Composition, etc) and why did you choose that degree?
I have my Bachelor's and Master's degree in Music performance, specifically Clarinet. I originally pursued a duel degree in Music education, and music performance, but later in my dual degree, I realized I wanted to conduct and perform and everything else in music education was not for me. From there, I performed more frequently and it made me less nervous. Performing in an orchestra, band or as a soloist is one of my passions. This is why I want to teach, to pass my knowledge of the Clarinet to my students and give them the same passion I have.

Read More

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