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Featured Piano Teachers Near Mamaroneck, NY

Here are just a few of the many teachers offering Piano lessons in Mamaroneck . Whether you are looking for beginner guitar lessons for your kids, or are an adult wanting to improve your skills, the instructors in our network are ready to help you now!

Glenna C offers Piano lessons in   Mamaroneck, NY

Glenna C

Instruments: Piano Violin Music

I have been teaching for 5 years to a wide range of ages. I take an individualistic approach to teaching, tailoring my lessons to my students. I teach violin for all levels and beginner/intermediate piano. I encourage all my students to learn how to read music and have a basic understanding of theory. I prefer a mix of a musical and technical approach and encourage a slow but steady timeline for learning. Read More

Brianne F offers Piano lessons in   Mamaroneck, NY

Brianne F

Instruments: Piano Guitar Organ Synthesizer Ukulele Keyboard Classical Guitar Acoustic Guitar

It is my belief that every child deserves the gift of music. It brings me great joy to watch children of all ages embark upon the wonder that is music. My objective especially for younger learners is to keep my students both engaged and having fun. I have taught children piano, general music, and guitar in Chinatown NYC to as far south as Trinidad where I led a master class for elementary students. Read More

Clarence M offers Piano lessons in   Mamaroneck, NY

Clarence M

Instruments: Piano Guitar Bass Guitar Music Keyboard Electric Guitar Classical Guitar Acoustic Guitar

Which is certainly reasonable! Others don't mind just plugging away at an exercise just for the pleasure performing it perfectly. But, it's certainly not the majority. Every lesson is taught with the students musicality in mind. Simply taking an exercise on one string and playing it over a beat and a chord can take that exercise from "the most boring thing in the world" to "I'm doing it! I'm playing the guitar and making music!" Read More

Mark J offers Piano lessons in   Mamaroneck, NY

Mark J

Instruments: Piano Drums Orchestral Percussion Conga Music Djembe

When it comes to teaching music, the student is the first priority. If the student is interested in playing rock music, we will focus on that. If they want to focus on the music they play in school band, we will focus on orchestral and symphonic percussion. Every student is different, and it is a teachers job to tailor the lessons towards a students natural learning style. I make sure to acknowledge my student's accomplishments, give extra attention to areas they need to work on, and generally make sure that they are always learning and having fun. Read More

John C offers Piano lessons in   Mamaroneck, NY

John C

Instruments: Piano Saxophone Flute

My approach to teaching can be different based on the age and level of the student. In general I like to keep the pressure off my students and above all find ways to make learning fun and enjoyable. My ideal lesson is one that the student will remember, whether it's a concept we talk about or a song that we learn. I try and teach my students more than how to play notes on a page and to learn songs, but how to discover and tackle projects themselves that otherwise might seem too big a challenge. Read More

Christina S offers Piano lessons in   Mamaroneck, NY

Christina S

Instruments: Piano Voice

Nothing is more exciting than watching my student build confidence in their talents. Therefore, it is vital that I create a relaxed and comfortable environment for my students. We are learning together; I just provide the guidance and tools! Lessons are tailored to each student, and I love to structure lessons in different ways to add energy and intrigue to the lesson. I find it so helpful to set big goals at the beginning of each month, and then celebrate small successes along the way. Read More

Carlos M offers Piano lessons in   Mamaroneck, NY

Carlos M

Instruments: Piano Guitar Bass Guitar Synthesizer Double Bass

For young beginners, I typically start with keyboard exercises and basic lessons in music theory fundamentals and ear training. Upon mastery of a few fundamental skills, students are introduced to a range of compositions that they can choose to learn to study and to play. For all my students at various levels, I assess their abilities and consistently challenge them to sharpen their skills.  Now i'm incorporating concentration, breathing, counting and stretching exercises. Read More

Teacher In Spotlight


Judner A

Instruments: Piano Voice Keyboard

If you play more than one instrument, how did you decide to start playing the second? (Or 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc)!
Piano was kind of forced upon me in undergrad and then I grew to love it. Now I feel naked when I'm not performing with the piano. It does everything!

If you have a Music Degree, what is it in (Performance, Education, Musicology, Theory, Composition, etc) and why did you choose that degree?
I chose a degree in performance because I really wanted to master the art of delivering my story. The programs I attended also incorporated robust theory, research and piano so I wasn't missing anything

What is your favorite style/genre of music to play and why?
That varies based on where I am in my life. At the time I'm writing this, the world is in disarray from a pandemic. I find great solace in the Blues. It helps to bring me healing and express profound emotions that words cannot express.

What do you think is the hardest thing to master on your instrument?
The voice is a diva. If you dont show it love and care everyday, it will betray you. It's also not like any other acoustic or electric instrument. Your psychological and physical state play a major role in the sound you create

Did you have a teacher that inspired you to go into music? How did they inspire you?
I went to Whitney Houston Academy for my middle school years. Ms Karen Williams "encouraged" me to be in the choir. At first I thought it was not cool, then I grew to love it. There have been far too many to list, but Ms Williams was the first.

Why did you choose your primary instrument?
I started singing when me and my siblings were toddlers. My parents love gospel and hymns so we started singing in the church and took off from there. That was at 7 years old

What musical accomplishments are you most proud of?
I loved teaching music and connecting with people in China with no knowledge of Mandarin, earning the respect of Branford Marsalis, meeting people from around the world in Batumi, Georgia for the GLOMUS music festival, and being on the grammy ballot in 2017. We didn't get nominated, but the consideration was still cool!

When will I start to see results?
My professional advice? Anyone who offers you an exact timeline is not sincere. Run in the opposite direction. There are far too many variables to consider when developing a musician in any instrument. Some people are savants and some people have psychological work or injuries to work through. Age, diet, exposure, genetics, etc. effect how fast or slow you move. If you're a beginner, you might see a lot of progress in the beginning. But I have worked with beginners who advance rapidly in the beginning and then plateau and vice versa. Its just too hard to predict with current technology.

What advice do you have about practicing effectively?
Journal, journal journal! What you can measure you can improve. Imagine being able to go back to June 13 2020 when your voice and playing were sounding amazing and synthesizing exactly what you did to get there. It is also psychologically stimulating to see how far you've come. We all have those songs that take MONTHS to master. Imagine seeing the slow(and sometimes not so steady) progression. It also helps your teacher assess how effective your practice is :)

Read More

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