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Our music lesson students will have the opportunity to take lessons from the comfort of their own home or in one of the teachers studios. Careful attention is placed on each student to ensure a custom lesson plan. Our music teachers understand that every student has different needs and abilities and therefore the lessons will be planned with that knowledge in mind.

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Featured Violin Teachers In Gwinnett County

Here are just a few of the many teachers offering violin lessons in Gwinnett. Whether you are looking for beginner violin lessons for your kids, or are an adult wanting to improve your skills, the instructors in our network are ready to help you now!
Joel H

Joel H

Instruments: Violin

Teaching Methods: For students picking up the violin for the first time, I typically progress them through Hal Leonard’s Essential Elements for Violin and the Suzuki Violin method. As students learn to read music, I will introduce scale work and simple etudes. While finger placement is important, I tend to emphasize bowing technique, as the true power of the instrument comes from the bow. I try to establish a students’ tone and their ability to listen before progressing them into more difficult pieces. For more advanced students, I typically focus my lessons on four areas: 1) Scale work; 2) Etudes; 3) Double Stops/Harmonics; and 4) Solo violin pieces. My lessons draw heavily from Enrico Polo (30 Double Stop Studies), Schradieck (The School of Violin); Kreutzer (42 Studies), and Ivan Galamian (Contemporary Violin Technique).

Teaching Styles: The best lesson my college instructor taught me was that practice does not sound pretty – practice is where the musician overcomes their shortcomings. I do my best to help my students fall in love with the process of becoming great. To do this, I teach my students how to practice, not just what to practice. I teach my students how to develop muscle memory by breaking up difficult runs into the various rhythms. I also encourage my students to listen to the music they want to play and attend the concerts of musicians they want to emulate. Better listeners ultimately become better musicians, so I do my best to develop those listening skills in my students.

Llewon F

Llewon F

Instruments: Piano, Voice, Violin, Synthesizer

Teaching Methods: I grew up lerning with the Suzuki Method.  I enjoy different methods, including Hal Leonard's Essential Elements, but it really depends on the student!  How you take in, process, and act on information.  Also how well you practice AT HOME!!!!

Teaching Styles: I love to see the glow on a student's face when they realize they can actually play their instrument!  My teaching style is one that nurtures, encourages, and is free.  I use every lesson as an opportunity to get to know my student and meet them where they are with music.  Even down to allowing you to choose your own music to learn!  Once again, it depends on the student! 

Vinny I

Vinny I

Instruments: Piano, Guitar, Violin, Viola

Teaching Methods: Each students needs a different approach. Some understand things differently than others, and its the teachers responsibility to analyze and exploit the best approach in order to achieve success.

Teaching Styles: My style of teaching revolves around a solid foundation in technique and proper ways to practice. This is the hardest part about having music lessons, because its all about muscle memory.  I advise learning the basics before jumping straight into learning songs.  Again, its very important to play the right way, and more importantly, practice the right way. Another thing that I teach is that failure is not bad in itself, but its only part of the process that lets a sudent know what to work on. Many times, failure is a result of certain muscles and movements not being trained yet, and not something that is out of reach. When learning how to play an instrument, patience is a must. 

Julia C

Julia C

Instruments: Violin, Cello, Viola

Teaching Methods: I teach the basics using a combination of methods, customizing lessons to each student's skill level, ability level, and interest (classical/folk/modern). For beginning students I suggest using the Suzuki Method, or Hal Leonard's Essential Elements. Once each student is ready to move beyond the fundamentals, I find exercises and solos to best fit and improve their skill level for recital performances, competitions, strings class/orchestra, or other activities. I use various age appropriate interactive activities and teaching aids to help each student learn. Regardless of age, however, I try to find out what the student is interested in, and guide lessons accordingly to keep students engaged and having fun, no matter what the students' ability level.

Teaching Styles: I enjoy teaching all ages, and the most rewarding thing about it is when my students show improvement, take initiative to enter into the larger community (through a recital, stage performance, competition, or other activity), and achieve their goals! To inspire this I teach students at his or her own pace. With each lesson, we identify what needs work, work together on the rough spots, and determine what to practice- and how- so as that these things are no longer difficult. I continually identify additional skills for each student to work on, and acknowledge achievements to build confidence and foster desire to learn. When students are motivated to practice, learn, build their skills, and share their knowledge and ability, I know I have done my job. When my students show a passion for the music and a desire to share it, I know I have done my job well.  

Felix G

Felix G

Instruments: Piano, Guitar, Violin, Viola, Bass Guitar

Teaching Methods: I do my best keeping my students interested, encourage home practices and improve proficiency. Every student gets individual attention. I plan my lessons, methodology and repertoire based on background and skills, and, of cause, I truly enjoy my students progressing. I have many students staying with me for many years.     

Teaching Styles: I am teaching for more than 15 years, both children and adults. I am helping my students to discover the world of music in unique learning environment which we create together. I believe that time together with the teacher should be most comprehensive by growing his/her instrument skills as well as feeding the student with information to promote their intelligence. 

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